Callum Dicks toughed it out in Arctic conditions to finish top of the pile in the 2010 White Acres Garbolino/Mosella Festival.

Following on from his 2008 victory and 5th place last year Callum Dicks has once again re-claimed his title and is our White Acres Garbolino/Mosella festival champion 2010.

All the chaps that have fished this year deserve a medal for fishing in conditions like we have never seen down here before – although those of them from further a field are more used to breaking the ice where as it is a rarity for us down here.

Taking all things into consideration with the weather and having to change the pegging last minute it has turned out to be another great and nail biting festival with a number of anglers tied on results and dropped points so it had to go to weight to get the overall positions.

Many thanks to our sponsors Garbolino’s Darren Cox and Mosella’s Vic Bush for their prizes and for Darren presenting the prizes at the presentation.

Again thank you and congratulations to all of the anglers that fished (especially those who stuck out the full five days) and well done again to this years top three winners Callum Dicks (Maver), Lee Edwards (Preston Innovations) and our very own Clint Elliott (Preston Innovations).

We hope the extreme weather hasn’t put the anglers off to much as we are already looking forward to next years festival but ice breakers will definitely be allowed next year!

Thank you all once again and to all our anglers and web supporters we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Report by Kirsty Byrne.

Overall Top 20
• 1st Callum Dicks 24 points (dropping 4) 146lb 9oz
• 2nd Lee Edwards 22 points (dropping 3) 105lb 6oz
• 3rd Clint Elliott  22 points (dropping 3)  96lb 14oz
• 4th Dan Varney 22 points (dropping 3) 83lb 13oz
• 5th Micky Vials 22 points (dropping 0)  82lb 11oz
• 6th Dave Pickering 21 points (dropping 3) 70lb 9oz
• 7th Adam Wakelin 21 points (dropping 3)  68lb 14oz
• 8th Simon Fry 21 points (dropping 3)  66lb 5oz
• 9th Jon Arthur 21 points (dropping 3)  49lb 4oz
• 10th Darren Cox 21 points (dropping 2)  68lb 6oz
• 11th Steve Hemmingray 21 points (dropping 1)  51lb 11oz
• 12th Mark Harper  21 points (dropping 0)  67lb 11oz
• 13th Derek Hammond 20 points (dropping 2) 73lb 14oz
• 14th Tommy Pickering 20 points (dropping 1) 48lb 15oz
• 15th Steve Waters 20 points (dropping 0) 100lb 8oz
• 16th Grant Albutt 20 points (dropping 0) 72lb 12oz
• 17th Andy Moors 20 points (dropping 0) 71lb 11oz
• 18th Terry Winter 20 points (dropping 0)  53lb
• 19th Harry Billing 19 points (dropping 3)  65lb 9oz
• 20th Giles Cochrane 19 points (dropping 3)  63lb 7oz