Ambitious plans have been revealed designed to make angling the most accessible participant sport in the United Kingdom.
Previous experience in marketing, public relations and event organisation has put Cudmore Fisheries supremo Cyril Brewster firmly in the frame to spearhead possibly the biggest angling project ever undertaken in recent years. Cyril today unveiled his three phase strategy designed to draw all facets of the fishing world into one single syndicate which will strive towards making angling available to all.
Charities,Angling Trust ,Enviroment Agency, manufacturers, and the angling media have all been invited to attend the first meeting in January to create the new steering group intending to move the venture forwards and firmly establish both the direction and mission statement for the future 
The initial phase concentrates on the continued expansion of the National School of Angling (NSA). Currently based at Cudmore Fisheries, the Staffordshire site will provide the self sustaining, pioneering template to support an initial introduction to the sport, instruction and angler development, before the ‘system’ expands to similarly qualified sites across the UK.  The NSA provides fully competent coaching staff, all equipment, and is a partner of the ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ charitable organisation which works with young people within the community. Continued sponsorship from some of the country’s biggest manufacturers will ensure that the school offers a superb arena for the latest innovations, ideas and techniques designed to help the modern day angler. A comprehensive calendar of events for the school will be launched this April
The newly formulated group will then look into the feasibility of creating the largest ever fishing event, a new National Angling show combining exhibitions and demonstrations to showcase angling across a much wider forum. Held at a major venue, the show experience is to be completely revised to afford a fantastic platform to encourage trade, retail, media and public interaction.
 The conclusion and eventual objective, will take shape in the proposed National Angling Centre. Cyril is already looking for a suitable site to develop a ‘centre for excellence’ with over one thousand fishable pegs; more than enough to hold the World Championships…. By securing appropriate funding, the Centre becomes reality and each member of the consortium becomes a shareholder in the future of fishing. The intention is to support every aspect of angling, from ‘grassroots’ through to major international competition and beyond. The potential for media exposure is unlimited, the prospective trade implications limitless, and the benefit to angling immeasurable.
Cyril could not have got  this far without the support of the ‘Get Hooked’ team,Stapeley Angling Centre,and  the angling trade, media team and others, and would like to pass on his continued appreciation.
Within this group, Cyril states he intends to put together the finest team ever assembled. Consisting of the finest anglers, manufacturers, suppliers, pacesetters, and business brains in the UK, he is confident that the group will mould the very future of angling and facilitate huge interest in the sport.
Any member of the trade that has not been contact and would like to be invited to attend the inaugural meeting on January 25th 2011 please contact .Cyril Brewster at