The Coventry canal saw the fifth round of the AT/CRT Canal Pairs Championship Qualification. Twenty-eight eager anglers made their way to what can be a tricky stretch of canal at times, however, this wasn’t the case for a handful of what you might call the ‘Usual Suspects’.

It was the formidable pairs of Darren Massey and James South that took the honours on the day. Darren started the pair well with an impressive 8lb 1oz of mainly roach from A section and although he was on peg A1, bream showed further down the stretch putting him into fourth. James, on the other hand, drew peg B11 and fished a very different match taking hand sizes skimmers on the ‘decked’ pinkie and squatt for 6lb 7oz and winning the B section.

Second pair on the day also need no introduction on the canal, Ben Sharatt and Jason Cunningham and both men drew end pegs! on A14 Ben turned in 8lb 11oz for a hard earnt third place and from B1 Jason also scratched for a good net of small fish with 3lb 5oz taking 4 points.

The final pair to qualify for the final are also no slouches on the canal, with Alan Donnely and Andy Curless. On A section Alan did well from an average draw taking sixth in section and it was very much Andy who backed him up with a hard earnt 6lb dead of small fish to take 2ndand two points.

1. Massey and South 5 points
2. Sharratt and Cunningham 7 points
3. Donnelly and Curless 8 points

The next AT & CRT Canal Pairs qualifier heads to the New Junction Canal on:
Saturday 6th July. For booking your ticket/s on the Canal Pairs Qualifiers log onto the Angling Trust ticket booking site.