The March issue of the video magazine for carp anglers – ‘Carp Channel Monthly’ – is now out and packed with advice, tips and entertainment from some of the top names in carp fishing and it is all available free-to-view here on this website.

Highlights of this month’s issue include:
Chilly On Carp
Ian Chillcott realises that size isn’t everything as he catches beautiful, lean, torpedo shaped carp…

Nash Cobra Throwing Sticks
Jack Brown from Browns Angling runs us through more carp gear that’s selling like hot cakes.

Derek Ritchie: Observation
Carp legend Derek Ritchie talks about how he uses all his senses to read a carp water before deciding how to tackle it.

Moving Up To Bigger Carp
Ali Hamidi continues his one-stop guide to catching bigger than average carp, with a look at how to tie up his favourite KD rig.

XTA 7000 Spod Reel
Carp Channel Monthly’s Ian Russell spotlights the Shimano reel that he uses for spodding…

Stiff Coated Braid Set-Up
Rig Of The Month comes from Tim Wagner, who shows in detail how to tie up his favourite rig.

Tips For A New Venue
Ian Russell and Mick Barnes with must-have advice for picking the right carp swim.

What’s In The Box?
Korda’s Elliott Gray reveals the carping knick-knacks he’d never go fishing without.

Ebro Maniacs
More arm-aching action as Ian Chillcott tackles the battling carp and catfish of Spain’s mighty River Ebro.

Mainline Baits
Dave Lane runs through how to get the best out of the Pro Active range of soft expanders from the Mainline Stable.

Shimano Lines
Jan Porter gives a rundown on some of his favourite Shimano lines for carp work.

Running Mono Rig
Rich Wilby shows how to tie up a running mono set-up and discusses when he’d choose this set-up over fixed rigs.

Chilly’s Monthly Thought
More pearls of carp fishing wisdom from that man Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott.

It’s all free to view for the month of March in Carp Channel Monthly, the video magazine for carp anglers everywhere. Just click on the link below, and use the arrows to scroll through the playlist…