Report by Pebsit (Phil ‘I might look like Andy Findlay but I can’t fish like him’ Stone)


TWENTY one Total-Fishing matchmen met up at Castle Ashby on January 2nd for what was to be a gruelling 5 hours of fishing.
There was no wind, all was calm and still and obviously even the fish couldn’t be bothered either as the majority struggled to put any kind of weight together.
However, this was more than made up for with the banter that was taking place as Steve Mac positioned his car two feet from his peg so he could unload the standard four tons of equipment. Meanwhile, Nigel Harrhy obviously didn’t fancy his draw as he did his best to cast four swims down to my feeder swim in the middle of the lake (he nearly made it too!!) and One


Adam                               Darren                              Crusty                              Dave



Delta                                              Leno                                                and yes, it’s OOOTF.


Out of the Frame struggled away with pike trouble to end up with 32 ‘fins with eyes’.
It was a very peggy venue on the day with most skimmers coming between pegs 16 and 24. However, I’d managed to fluke and end peg draw (actually I saw a fold on the ticket..), and as I was determined to give a new reel a workout I sat on the Method all day for three bites and three fish – two large skimmers for 4lb 14oz and a 7lb carp that counted as 4oz due to some bizarre rules someone (step forward Darren) had dreamt up. Don’t you just hate that?

Anyone fishing the pole on the day struggled due to the conditions so waggler and feeder ruled the roost.
Anyhow, despite the conditions – no wind, no water (apart from OOTF who claimed he had 4ft, obviously tells his Mrs he has 12 inches too) and quite clear, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were asking about the next one, watch this space!!!!!
The results are posted below and I’d just like to add it was great to see everyone there and cheers for not chucking me in on my birthday…



Left: Maurice with his winning catch. Right: Pebisit with the 7lb carp that wasn’t.


1 Maurice Williams, peg 18, 8-8-0 (skimmers); 2 Crusty, peg 24, 5-8-8 (skimmers); 3 Phil Stone (pebisit), peg 35, 5-2-0 (4lb 14oz of skimmers plus a 7lb carp… make sense of that!); 4 Leno Lichelli, peg 20, 4-2-0 (skimmers and roach; 5 Delta, peg 23, 3-15-0 (skimmers); 6 Mick209, peg 17, 3-3-0 (skimmers); 7 Snapper, peg 16, 2-14-0 (skimmers); 8 UDH, peg 13, 1-9-0 (skimmers and roach); 9 Lewis, peg 34, 1-7-0 (fins with eyes); 10 OOOTF, peg 29        , 1-6-8 (fins with eyes); 11 Harefield (Skip), peg 14, 1-1-0 (skimmers and roach); 12 AdamP, peg 19, 0-9-8 (one skimmer); 13 Darren, peg 32, 0-3-8 (fins with eyes); 14 Steve Mac, peg 33, 0-1-0 (a rudd); 15 Brooksby, peg 27, 0-0-8 (a fin, with eyes); 16 Harrhy, peg 25, 0-0-8 (a fin, we think with eyes).

Others: PeteP, JasonE, DaveC, Stan, Russ the Bus.



Lewis                                Snapper                            Steve Mac                       UDH                 



Phil Stone (pebsit)