Join Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott on a tour of the sumptuous Royalty stretch of the Hampshire Avon, a river that gives the carp angler a genuine chance of a running water 30-pounder.

Ian talks to long-time bailiff Dave Burgess about how carp became established on this iconic southern river, and how their presence now has a knock-on effect on the traditional species.

Ian’s not fished for a river carp since the Sex Pistols were annoying ‘the establishment’, but he’d be more than happy with a barbel pulling his string too.

Our ace passes on some great instruction on targeting river fish by adapting your stillwater carp approach, using a semi-fished inline setup with pinned-down leadcore. He’s also pinning down his braid hooklength, chosen to match the bottom, and fishing a dumbbell Pulse boilie in conjunction with a PVA bag full of all manner of crushed goodies.

It all looks impressive to us, but unfortunately the fish don’t agree, and Ian finds himself having to move hither and thither to try and wet his landing net. In fact you’ll never again see him so happy to catch a bream!

In between stints Chilly takes in a visit to Davis Tackle and gleans some top advice on getting the most from your sessions on the Hampshire Avon system from owner Nigel Gray.

He isn’t one to give in, and perseverance sees him finally attached to something altogether more substantial.