Chub Academy member Chris Lowe has landed a double whammy!
Fishing a 48-hour session on a private syndicate water, Chris not only landed the 47.3lb mirror carp, breaking his PB; but also put himself in pole position for largest fish caught by a Greys/Chub academy so far this year this year.

Using a Greys Torsion 13’ 3.5lb test curve  rod , Chris’s rig consisted of a fluorocarbon leader to an Ace lead clip and a 2.5oz Ace lead, a flurorocarbon hinged stiff link hook link connected to a size 8 Korda choddy hook. Hook bait was a 14mm lobworm pop up and a new white corn popper from SBS.

Chris said:

“This is a great start to the new year after all the bad weather that we have had. Upping my PB mirror is great but also with my target fish from this water, I am made up with this capture.”