Jason Green, Manager of the Chub Carp Academy has landed a new personal best Mirror.

This 71lb 12oz Mirror caught at a venue in Northern France, beats Jason’s previous PB of 53lb.
Using a Greys Platinum 13ft 3.5lb test curve rod and Mainline’s new Cell bait, Jason had a take at 1am. The fish immediately weeded itself up forcing Jason to go out into the boat and get the fish out of the weed bed.
After a twenty minute tussle in the boat Jason finally managed to land the fish. It was only then that he realised how big the fish was when he came to lift it out of the water and onto the unhooking mat in the boat.
Jason also managed to catch another 14 fish including six 20lb Carp, five 30’s, a 42lb, 45lb and 56lb.
Jason said;
“To say I was happy was an understatement! I caught the fish at 1am in the morning and rang people up to tell them!”