Chub have been confirmed for the first time in Ireland. The new species was located in the River Inny downstream from Ballymahon in Co. Longford. The confirmation was made during a major fish stock assessment survey on the mid section of the Inny River undertaken by the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board and the Central Fisheries Board.

The chub were located at a number of locations over a 2km section by the survey team from The Shannon Regional Fisheries Board who are currently working on the main River channel of the River Inny.  In all, over 30 fish were recorded ­ both male and female.

These fish are not native to Ireland and were introduced, probably over the past two or three years.

Mr. Eamon Cusack, CEO of the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board pointed out that chub will create serious problems for our native Irish fish species such as trout and other long introduced coarse fish such as bream, as they are both predators and competitors.

Mr. Cusack stated that he was unsure as to how the chub arrived in the Inny, but it is possible that the fish were transported here from England in a container ­ a highly illegal activity.

It is part of a wider and expanding movement of fish, shellfish and plants which are causing serious difficulties in our rivers and lakes around the country. The Shannon Board is working with its colleagues in the other Fisheries Boards to seek the introduction of measures to prevent such occurrences.

The survey of the River Inny catchment has also shown some excellent stocks of pike, bream and hybrids in sections south of Derravaragh.