Concerns on the stocking of stillwaters were voiced at the Fish Welfare Group. It has become apparent that many fisheries have multiple fish suppliers which makes it difficult to contact trace any health or parasite problems back to any one supplier. 

Viv Shears (Sparsholt College) took on the task of producing comprehensive advice on stocking and has produced a useful guide on matters to consider when introducing fish. The paper is not exhaustive and you should always contact your local Environment Agency Fisheries team for further advice prior to placing orders for fish or stocking.

With any introduction of fish into a fishery, there will be risks but careful and thorough planning can minimise those risks.  The advice published by FACT will ensure fisheries take time over the whole process and carefully consider the possible outcomes. The guide was distributed within the groups’ membership and is available to download here.

To download the Advice on Stocking Recreational Fisheries click on the link below:

Further advice on the Management of Fisheries is available in a booklet written by the IFM (Institute of Fisheries Management) and re-published by FACT with assistance from the Environment Agency. Copies of the IFM Guidance to the Management of Intensively Stocked Stillwaters can be obtained by emailing with your postal address.