It’s funny how it can take a long time for a good product to be accepted by the angling community. Nick Palmer of Real Ideas has pretty much perfected the Clever Claw with the MkII version and it really is a useful pole fishing tool. It’s especially so if you regularly fish long or have a bad back, but is a very good product for making any kind of pole fishing easier.

The Claw acts as your rear pole support and the upward pressure of the pole butt locks the teeth together and keeps them locked, while the hooked ‘arm’ has been designed to keep the pole in place even in a strong cross wind.

You can use the Claw with a front ‘V’ rest or a ‘bump’ or ‘spray’ bar as the front support, and you can have as much or as little of the pole butt behind the Claw as you like – it makes no difference.

It’s easy to tease and work the float and the bait and even miss bites without disengaging, but once you are into a fish, freeing up the pole is a simple case of leaning down on the pole butt with your elbow – the Claw springs free.

You can fish with the pole across your knee resting on it for striking, or straight out in front of you and even with your hands completely free at 16m if you like, and you can also use the Claw for ‘rod in the air’ rod and line fishing.

The Clever Claw comes with a very useful DVD with loads of tips from Nick about how to use and get the best from it. Available direct or from stockists.


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Price: £24.99

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