Fox International has just launched its new high quality PVA Mesh range that is now available in 10 metre lengths on compact tubes with a plunger! Further refill spools of 10 and 25 metre are also available, making Fox PVA the best value PVA on the market.

Fox PVA Mesh comes in both a Heavy and Fine Mesh to suit varying water conditions and depths. Both are available in Wide and Narrow Funnel Systems (with plunger), together with PVA Tape also available.

Shaun McSpadden, Fox International product development director, has been involved in the development of the new Fox PVA Mesh: “With so much PVA available on the market, we wanted to ensure we offered our customers better value than ever before. That’s why Fox PVA now comes on 10 metre spools, with extra value 10 and 25 metre refill spools available.

“We have also decided to offer the PVA in Heavy and Fine Mesh varieties, rather than go down the route of selling warm and cold water PVA. This is because we strongly believe that PVA shouldn’t be restricted to weather conditions, but more to water conditions and depths. The Heavy Mesh is not only suited to warmer water conditions, but also to deep swims where finer meshes may dissolve before hitting the bottom. Our Fine Mesh is ideal for cold water conditions, or ultra shallow swims when you want the mesh to dissolve quicker.”

The Fox PVA Mesh Range includes the following products:

Wide Funnel System – 10m Heavy: £9.99
Wide Funnel System – 10m Fine: £8.99

Narrow Funnel System – 10m Heavy: £9.99
Narrow Funnel System – 10m Fine: £8.99

Heavy Mesh refill – wide 10m spool: £7.99
Heavy Mesh refill – wide 25m spool: £17.99
Fine Mesh refill – wide 10m spool: £7.99
Fine Mesh refill – wide 25m spool: £17.99

Heavy Mesh refill – narrow 10m spool: £6.99
Heavy Mesh refill – narrow 25m spool: £16.99
Fine Mesh refill – narrow 10m spool: £6.99
Fine Mesh refill – narrow 25m spool: £16.99

Heavy Tape embossed: £3.99
Clear Tape embossed: £3.99

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