The River Thames at Reading saw the top four anglers land over 600lb of bream, which included a new record weight for the competition.

Andrew Cranston set the new standard at peg 34 where he put 194-4-0 of bream on the scales to book himself a place in the final.

Next door to Andy, at peg 35, Mick Denton recorded 173-10-0 and he was followed home in the individual stakes by Jack Jones on peg 34 with 127-10-0 and Paul Johnson at peg 36 with 112-8-0. All four leaders used open end feeder tactics with casters and worms.

The winner of A Zone was Ian Young who worked hard at peg 19 for 23-15-0 of roach on pole and caster.

C Zone winner was Liam Page Smith with 17-13-0 of pole caught roach.


1. Andrew Cranston – 194lb 4oz
2. Mick Denton – 173lb 10oz
3. Jack Jones – 127lb 10oz
4. Paul Johnson 112lb 8oz

Ian Young, Andrew Cranston and Liam Page.

Next Qualifier: Saturday 5th October, Yorkshire Ouse