Cudmore boss Cyril Brewster has taken a long, hard look at the future of Cudmore Fisheries and believes that many fishing baits are not good for fish and their environment.

Having looked at the content of many fishing baits he believes that many contain products that may not be beneficial to fish or the environment.

To maintain consistently good results anglers must play their part by using baits that not only catch plenty of fish but also are good for the entire eco system.

Cudmore Fisheries have been testing various baits and noting effects and catch rates over a period of time.

Cyril Brewster, boss of Cudmore Fisheries, said: “At Cudmore we take the long term view and the welfare of our fish and the aquatic environment is paramount to our future.

“We believe that Marukyu’s products are the most fish and environmentally-friendly baits available – and, what is more, the fishing results are absolutely outstanding.

“Since we introduced the range our anglers have been producing outstanding catches with Marukyu baits.”

“We are therefore making Marukyu products available at the fishing lodge and the Stapeley shop on site. MARUKYU baits will be our preferred baits at Cudmore.”

John Loftus, chairman of Marukyu UK, said: “We are delighted to be associated with such a high profile and successful fishery.

“Marukyu pride themselves on producing not only the best fish-catching baits but also the best eco-friendly products available.

“We look forward to a long and mutually successful association with Cyril and all his colleagues at Cudmore.”

The press release has understandably provoked an instant reaction from the angling community – click on the link below to read some of that reaction…