Thursday 28th March 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Match Moat Pool, 24 pegs 1st L Hewison, MAP Leegem, 22-8-0; peg outer 68

Another overnight frost put pay to carp feeding on Moat Pool today,as skimmer bream proved to be the target fish.  Lee Hewison fished single red maggot over kinder potted micro pellets at 13m on the pole and netted all skimmers in his winning net today.
2nd R Dowding, Mansfield, 19-0-0; peg island 5 Russ Dowding took second place with carp and bream caught using banded pellet on a small pellet feeder fished to the middle of Moat.
3rd D Sewell, James Maude Linden, 13-12-0; peg island 20 Dave Sewell edged third spot with all skimmer bream caught on 6mm expander pellet over 4mm feed pellets at 11m on the pole.
4th A Payling, Peg One, 12-10-0;

Friday 29th March 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match.
Moat Pool, 15 pegs
1st G Westwater, MAP Marukyu, 27-6-0; peg island 5 Graham Westwater finished today’s winner with a mixed net of carp and small skimmers all caught fishing expander pellet over feed pellets and maggots at 13m on the pole.
2nd J Thomas, Subfish, 22-0-0; peg outer 93 Jason Thomas fished double red maggot over groundbait and pellets on a 12m pole line where he netted a mixed bag that included a 2lb Perch.
3rd J Masson, Maver Marukyu, 19-7-0; peg outer 96 Jamie Masson finished in third spot with all carp caught on a groundbait feeder and hairrigged punched meat.
4th S Butler, Maltby, 17-0-0;  5th A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 15-12-0;

Saturday 30th March 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match Moat Pool, 17 pegs
1st D Oldham, MAP Leegem, 33-12-0; peg outer 109 Daz Oldham surprised many today by catching skimmers as well as carp from an area not noted to produce them. Daz fished maggot over 4mm feed pellets at 12m on the pole to catch his mixed net of fish, enough for victory today.
2nd G Mumby, MAP Leegem, 30-7-0; peg island 2 Gary Mumby took second spot with carp up to 5lbs caught on 6mm expander over groundbait and micro pellets at 13m on the pole.
3rd L Hewison, MAP Leegem, 28-12-0; peg 103 Lee Hewison continued his good form today with a third place mix bag taken on maggot and groundbait at 11m on the pole.
4th A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 26-6-0;  5th A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 25-0-0;

Sunday 31st March 2013, MAP Leegem Spring League Rnd 4 Moat Pool, 60 pegs
1st N Vernon, MAP Leegem, 45-4-0; peg Island 57 The relentless cold conditions continue to spoil the early rounds of this year’s MAP Leegem Spring League. With ice covering the lake overnight, the carp once again decided not to feed. Neil Vernon stuck with his feeder tactics and pick up enough carp though, during a spell mid way through the match to claim the win.
2nd A Berisford, MAP Leegem, 40-6-0; peg outer 97 MAP Leegem legend ‘King Arthur’ Berisford was a popular second place today. Arthur caught carp too 7lbs using banded pellet on a pellet cone fished towards the aerator.
3rd M Edgecombe, MAP Leegem, 21-1-0; peg outer 94 Mal Edgecombe fished expander pellet on the pole where he pick up the odd decent carp for third spot.
4th P Bagshaw, Maver, 18-12-0;  5th P Martin, MAP Leegem, 10-5-0; 6th G Gibson, Worksop, 10-1-0.

Sunday 31st March 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match Croft/Canal, 16 pegs 1st J Thomas, Subfish, 74-0-0, Croft 7 The smaller, more sheltered lakes seem to be more favourable at the moment at Hallcroft with some nice mixed nets of carp and silver’s showing on Croft and Canal Pools. Jason Thomas fished long pole with 4mm expander pellet over loose fed feed pellets to catch a mixture of carp, bream and tench to win today.
2nd M Malia, Wickersley Angling, 68-2-0, Canal 20 Mat Malia fished pellet on the pole to the far bank on Canal and caught small carp steadily throughout the match to take second place.
3rd J Broughton, Mosborough, 65-12-0, Canal 12 John Broughton finished third also with a net of mainly small carp, but caught using maggot over groundbait to the far bank.
4th L Hardwick, Mosborough, 57-2-0; 5th A Lakey, Worksop AS, 52-10-0;