Maver Match This Qualifier (Sunday)
Moat/Canal (56 Pegs)
1 Steve Barraclough, Frenzee, 135-11-0; peg M Out 104, S Yorks
Steve Barraclough was today’s winner with a decent net of mainly carp caught using a pole fished shallow at 12m with meat and then switched to the margins using ground bait and corn.
2 Andy Bailey, Doncaster, 126-14-0; peg M Out 112, S Yorks
Andy Bailey landed 15 carp from the margins using chopped worms over ground bait and hemp to take second place on the day and qualify for the final.
3 Adam Richards, Browning, 112-5-0; peg Canal 6,
Adam Richards fished pellet and meat to land nearly all small carp to claim third place from the Canal Pool.
4 Alan Scotthorne, Shimano, 106-14-0; 5 J Labosquet, Garbolino, 97-10-0; 6 J Arthur, Pole Fishing Mag., 86-9-0
7 S Mayo, Maver, 83-6-0; 8 Dave Whiting, Button Hole AC, 82-0-0; Cambs

Tuesday 2nd August 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Island Pool (22 Pegs )
1st A Beresford (Map Leegem) Peg 48 65-12-0
Veteran Arthur Beresford won this low weight affair on Moat Island with 65lb.Fishing meat and pellet hard on the deck at 11m Arthur caught carp to 8lb and skimmers to 2lb steadily throughout the match
2nd R Teigh (Handsworth) Peg 73 61-10-0
Regular Rich Teigh was second from end peg 73.Rich also used meat to good effect on long pole for carp to 6lb
3rd D Oldham (Maltby) Peg 66 56-12-0
Daz fished pellet and meat on short pole and long pole for his mixed net.
4th K Warner (Lincoln) 40-14-0 5th J Urruty (Hallcroft) 40-2-0

Thursday 4th August 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Moat Pool (39 Pegs)
1st P Tatley (Trentmen) Peg Island 23 65-12-0
Pete Tatley continues to do well in these veterans contests with yet another victory. Pete fished paste over pellet and hemp for carp to 8lb and added a few skimmers on short pole and corn.
2nd R Holmes (Notts AA) Peg Island 12 52-14-0
Roger fished pellet and meat at 12m on the bottom for mainly carp to 8lb
3rd A Sellars (Bankside) Peg Outer 16 49-10-0
Andy fished feeder with groundbait ,pellets and meat for 10 carp upto 8lb
4th N Cook (Hallcroft) 44-14-0 5th G Tyson (Hallcroft) 44-12-0

Friday 5th August 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Outer Pool (25 Pegs)
1st D Whiting (Buttonhole AC) Peg 64 157-10-0
Dave blitzed this Friday field with an impressive 150lb plus weight. Dave fished at 9m with catmeat over pellet and hemp feed for 30 carp upto 8lb
2nd L Sears (Daiwa) Peg 93 78-1-0
Daiwa backed Luke fished pellet at 5m loose feeding 6mm with a 6mm expander pellet for 4 carp and nearly 60lb of skimmer/bream.
3rd S Clark (Mansfield) Peg 56 73-12-0
Steve fished worms and maggots over groundbait on long pole and in the margins for carp and skimmers mixed.
4th N Wood (Hallcroft) 62-10-0 5th A Sellars (Bankside) 60-0-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match (Saturday)
Moat Outer (26 pegs)
1 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 157-10-0; peg 39 S Yorks
Andy Sellars continued his great form with this clear cut win on Moat Outer. Andy fished pellet waggler and bomb with pellet cone for 22 carp up to 15lb
2 P McIntyre, Baitech, 74-14-0; peg 64 S Yorks
Paul McIntyre was second from peg 64 and he fished meat at 13m for 14 carp to 8lb
3 M McIntyre, Baitech, 58-12-0; peg 51 S Yorks
Third was Martin McIntyre fishing paste over hemp at 8m for mainly carp
4 B Sullivan, Maltby, 53-14-0; S Yorks 5 S Marshall, MAP Leegem, 51-14-0; Derbys 6 G Brooks, Maltby, 49-0-0;S Yorks
7 P Bagshaw, Derbys
8 S Lewis, S Yorks ?

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Sunday)
Moat/Canal (48 pegs)
1 Arthur Berisford, MAP Leegem, 106-10-0; peg M Isl 38 Derbys
Hallcroft veteran Arthur Berisford lead the way today with a splendid mixed net of carp and silvers, which included perch up to 2lbs. Arthur fished the pole at 8m using chopped worm and caster to claim victory with the added bonus of being on a golden peg and pocketing an extra £300.
2 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 100-14-0; peg island 40 S Yorks
Andy Sellars recent good form continued today with another ton plus weight of carp to take second spot. Andy caught fish up to 10lbs using a bomb with hair rigged luncheon meat fished to the middle of the lake.
3 S Shepherd, Worksop, 90-12-0; peg canal 8 Notts
Steve Shepherd took the third spot with a net of small carp caught from the far bank using paste over micro pellets
4 D Downes, Killamarsh, 80-0-0; S Yorks 5 N Vernon, Gainsborough, 70-6-0; Lincs
6 G Hiley, Mansfield, 65-12-0; Notts
7 G Gibson, Worksop, Notts
8 B Sullivan, Maltby, S Yorks
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