11th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Sunday open
Moat Pool (36 pegs)

A Oldham (Frenzze)
Outer 80 154-10-0
With the top 10 all breaking 100lb moat pool continues to produce catching fish. Andy Oldham just got the win by 1 fish from outer 80. Fishing worms over pellet and hemp on long pole Andy caught carp steadily all match for 154lb
A Higginbottom (Matrix Trentmen)
Outer 14 147-12-0
Adrian Higginbottom opted for meat on short pole over hemp and meat feed. He caught carp and skimmers for 147lb
S Sheperd (Map Leegem)
Outer 55 129-15-0
Steve Sheperd used the margins to great effect catching double figure carp on catmeat and corn over pellets
J Masson (Marukyu)
Island 58 128-6-0
R Judson (KL Tackle)

10th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Saturday open
Moat Island (24 Pegs)
J Masson (Marukyu)
43 07-10-0
Jamie fished paste and pellet on long pole and later switched to corn and maggot over groundbait into the margins for carp to 10lb
G Gibson (Worksop)
46 79-12-0
Gordon fished pellet cone with micros and hair rigged corn for 14 carp to 8lb
M Leck (Doncaster)
37 74-12-0
Martyn fished pellet on short pole and long pole for carp and skimmers
A Sellars (Bankside)
49 72-2-0
J Methley (Hallcroft)
40 60-6-0

10th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Clubman Semi final
Moat Outer Pool / Canal (40 Pegs)
W Corbett (Woodhouse EX)
Canal 14
Will Corbett won this semi final from canal peg 14. Will fished pellet over micros to the far bank for carp to 3lb
S Pimperton (TNT)
Moat 110
Shane fished meat and pellet shallow at 13m for 15 carp to 8lb
S Else (Newburgh)
Canal 12
Stuart also caught on pellet and meat to the far bank of canal pool
N Wood (Hallcroft)
Moat 97
R Jenkins (New Packet Inn)
Moat Outer 6

9th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Pool (26 Pegs)
M Hall (Tuxford)
Island 40
Drawn fancied moat island 40 Mick Hall made no mistakes with a cracking 150lb weight. Fishing corn over pellet on short pole and down the edge Mick caught 23 carp to 14lbJ Masson (Marukyu)
Island 49
Jamie also used margins to good effect fishing maggots and worms over groundbait and pellet
C Line (Retford)
Island 43
Chris LIne again found carp willing to feeed in the margins catching carpo to 10lb from the next platformR Teigh (Handsworth)
Outer 38
A Higginbottom(Matrix Trentmen)
Outer 48

8th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets Open
Moat Pool (38 Pegs)
B Sullivan (Maltby)
Outer 110
Brian Sullivan returned to winning ways in this latest vets match on moat pool. Brian fished banded pellet shallow and pellet cone onto the bottom for 25 carp to 10lb
B Poole (Retford)
Island 9
Bob Poole also opted for shallow tactics. Bob fished at 13m with pellet loose feeding 6mm regularly
I Temple (Retford)
Outer 106
Ian fished pellet and catmeat on long pole for 12 carp and a few skimmers
J Hobson (Sheffield)
Island 17
P Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks)
Outer 8

7th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Junior series
L Woodcock (Worksop)
27 33-12-0
Luke fished pellet and maggot on short pole for tench and skimmers
J Amedola (Hallcroft)
0 31-10-0
Jake used similar tactics to the winner for tench skimmers and roach
R Muxloe (Hallcroft)
21 22-8-0
Rosie caught on maggot into the margins again mainly silverfish net

6th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon match 
Moat Island (14 pegs)
D Dare (Marukyu)
5 127-14-0
Moat poolcontinues to produce some good weights and this latest tuesday match was no different. Dave Dare fished maggot over groundbait into the margins for 30 carp to 7lb
A Bailey (Doncaster)
37 107-10-0
Andy Bailey opted for pellet and meat on short pole. Andy caught 40lb of skimmers and carp to 9lb
K Talbot (Hallcroft)
40 107-0-0
Ken fished pellet and corn on short pole and down the edge for carp to 12lb 
A Higginbottom (Matrix Trentmen)
60 99-6-0
D Oldham (Maltby)
64 85-12-0

5th August 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans open
Bridge Pool (20 pegs)
R Holmes (Notts AA)
Outer 42
Roger broke the ton barrier from bridge outer 42. Rogers great weight came fishing banded 6mm pellet at 10m catapulting over the top with 6mm feed pellet
I Donaldson (Hallcroft)
Outer 22
Ian fished short pole with meat and maggot over pellets for his 92lb weight. Ian caught carp to 9lb and skimmers to 3lb
R Bell (Doncaster)
Outer 29
Rob fished meat and pellet short and long pole for a mixed bag of carp and skimmers
D Evans (Retford)
Outer 38
R Brooks (Sheffield)
Outer 8