Thursday 12 January 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Moat Pool (22 Pegs)
1. R Dowding (Mill Tackle) Outer 54 85-12-0
Russ Dowding blitzed this latest Vets open on moat pool with an impressive 85lb. Russ fished a small feeder with pellet and groundbait alternating corn and pellet on the hook for 16 carp to 9lb.
2. C Line (Reford) Island 54 47-0-0
Chris opted for the pellet cone with hair-rigged corn for 8 carp to 8lb.
3. A Beresford (Map Leegem) Outer 50 37-14-0
Arthur also used feeder tactics fro his carp net of 37lb.
4. R Holmes (Notts AA) 34-0-0 5. D Slaymaker (Leicester) 25-12-0
Friday 13 January 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat Island Pool (14 Pegs)
1. D Oldham (Maltby) Peg 61 79-2-0
Daz alternated pole and pellet at 14m and pellet feeder with hair-rigged corn for 10 carp to 11lb
2. N Speed (Dynamite Baits/ Shimano) Peg 64 66-12-0
Nick Speed was second from Island 64. He fished pole and 6mm expander over micros for carp to 8lb and a few skimmers
3. R Teigh (Handsworth) Peg 38 35-0-0
Rich caught all skimmerson pole and pellet with skimmers upto 2lb for his weight of 35lb
Saturday 14 January 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
1. P Mcintyre (Bait Tech) Peg Outer 6 60-0-0
With a scattering of ice on the lakes fishing was always going to be tougher for this latest open on moat pool. Paul Mcintyre found some carp willing to feed on outer peg 6. He fished groundbait with micros and hair-rigged meat and corn on the hook for 11 carp.
2. S Gray (Worksop) Peg Island 57 22-12-0
Stuart alternated pole with maggot and pellet for 15lb of skimmers and 1 carp of 7lb
3. A Cordall (Bridon AC) Peg Island 64 20-12-0
Andy fished bomb with corn for 3 carp
4. G Gibson (Worksop) 17-14-0 5. J Masson (Maver/Maryuku) 14-15-0
6. N Wood (Hallcroft) 7. C Perry (Leicester 8. P Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks)
Sunday 15 January 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
1. D Newman (Map Leegem) Peg Island 2 80-0-0
The aerators being switched on made areas hard for fishing, but there were still some good framing weights. Darol Newman fished pole and pellet over micros to the marginal reeds for 16 carp to 8lb.
2. L Coupe (Map Leegem) Peg Outer 2 62-8-0
Lee Coupe used similar tactics to the winner, fishing 14.5m down the side and caught 14 carp to 6lb.
3. J Masson (Maver/Maryuku) Peg Outer 105 31-12-0
Jamie caught on bomb and corn and also on pole and pellet for his 31lb catch.
4. G Mumby (Retford) 23-14-0 5. G Gibson (Worksop) 19-0-0
6. M Oneil (Sheffield) 7. A Payling (Peg One) 8. A Beresford (Map Leegem)