Tuesday 19th July 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Bridge Pool (20 pegs)
1 Alan Tait, Newcastle Arms, 57-8-0, peg Isl 23
In what turned out to be a close battle between the top three anglers, Alan Tait came out as winner with a nice mixed net of carp and skimmers taken at 13m on the pole using luncheon meat as bait.
2 Andy Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 56-6-0, peg out 42
Andy Sellars caught mainly carp using a pellet waggler fished between 2ft and 3ft deep from the middle of Bridge Pool to finish in second place.
3 Paul Schoof, Hallcroft, 55-10-0, peg Isl 5
Paul Schoof took third spot by fishing paste and catmeat on the pole at 6m to catch carp and decent sized bream.
4 Graham Westwater, MAP, 46-12-0. 5 Brian Sullivan, Maltby, 42-9-0.

Thursday 21st July 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Moat (38 Pegs)
1st P Tatley ( Trentmen) Peg Outer 67 92-6-0
Pete Tatley came out clear winner in this latest popular vets open. From peg 67 on the outer Pete fished corn over pellet and hemp feed at 11m for 9 carp to 10lb and a few skimmers to 2lb
2nd D Clegg (Brittania) Peg Outer 71 72-12-0
Stalwart Dick Clegg was second from outer 71.Dick alternated paste and meat on short pole for 6 large carp to 10lb and a few silverfish
3rd A Tait (Hallcroft) Peg Island 13 50-12-0
Alan also used meat both shallow and on the deck for carp and skimmers
4th J Simms (Map Leegem) 47-2-0 5th A Beresford (Map Leegem) 38-15-0

Friday 22nd July 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Outer Pool (28 Pegs)
1st D Dare (Notts) Peg 99 81-14-0
Dave Dare continued his good form in these Friday matches with a win from peg 99. After a slow start Dave switched to the margins with worms over groundbait for carp to 8lb and skimmers 2lb and a total weight of 81-14-0
2nd K Talbot (Sheffield) Peg 75 80-4-0
Ken fished paste and corn both at 6m and in the margins over pellets and hemp for mainly carp to 9lb
3rd D Oldham (Maltby) Peg 55 76-10-0
Daz alternated shallow and deck fishing with meat and pellet for 50lb of carp and 25lb of skimmers
4thP Miles (Doncaster) 76-2-0 5th S Parker (Daiwa Hallcroft) 69-6-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match (Saturday)
Moat (27 pegs)
1 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 236-8-0; peg island 37 S Yorks
In windy conditions Andy Sellars used bomb and cone with pellet and meat from island 37 to catch his first double ton on Moat Pool. He netted carp to 9lb and a few skimmers
2 G Middleton, Hallcroft, 108-8-0; peg island 40 Notts
Gary Middleton was on the other side of the island and he fished pole and corn over feed pellet for 100lb plus of carp and skimmers
3 S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, 89-6-0; peg island 64 Notts
Steve Clark fished short with worm over groundbait for carp and skimmers and later added a few bigger carp to 8lb
4 G Brooks, Wickersley Angling, 84-10-0 S Yorks 5 B Sullivan, Maltby, 77-2-0 S Yorks 6 J Thomas, Subfish, 67-12-0 Notts
7 G Gibson, Notts
8 G Mumby, Notts

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Sunday)
Moat (5 pegs)
1 A Brooks, Wickersley Angling, 96-12-0; peg outer 63 S Yorks
Archie Brooks just edged this well-attended Sunday open match with a nice net of carp. Archie fished the pole at 11m and caught using pellet and corn on the deck
2 S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, 96-4-0; peg outer 45 Notts
Steve Clark took second spot with a mixed bag of carp and skimmers taken on the pole with chopped worm and casters over groundbait and micro pellet
3 Kev Baxter, Daiwa Trentmen, 74-4-0; peg island 47 Notts
Kev Baxter also caught carp and silvers on the pole at 8m using worm and groundbait
4 S Shepherd, Worksop, 73-4-0; Notts 5 P Bagshaw, Maver Barnsley, 67-12-0; Derbys 6 I Micklethwaite, Barnsley, 64-2-0; S Yorks
7 G Brooks, S Yorks
8 J Skipper, Lincs