Monday 6th May 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Bank Holiday OpenMoat (29 Pegs)
1 A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 174-5-0; Peg Out 84Continuing his excellent form, Andy Oldham came ou the clear winner in this Bank Holiday Open. Andy fished 6mm banded pellet, shallow at 13m, to land 27 carp up to 10lbs.
2 P Wright, MAP Leegem, 104-5-0; peg Out 98Phil Wright alternated between methods today to net his first ton plus of the season. Phil caught shallow and at full depth, then switched to margins with corn finishing with 19 carp and second place
3 S Gray, Worksop, 103-14-0; peg Isl 12Close behind in third spot was Stuart Gray who caught using paste over pellets at 12m and also caught down the margins.
4 R Teigh, Handsworth, 101-15-0;
5 G Westwater, MAP Marukyu, 81-12-0

Tuesday 7th May 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft PM CostcutterBridge Pool  (31 pegs)
1 M Hall, MAP Tuxford, 142-7-0; peg Isl 26Mick Hall fished the margins for most of the match to catch mainly carp up to 8lbs using corn and 6mm pellets for a nice ton plus winning weight.
2 M Boothby, Retford, 119-4-0; peg Isl 6 Local angler Martin Boothby netted his first ton plus at Hallcroft to take second spot today. Martin fished luncheon meat and pellet on the pole at 11m to land carp too 10lbs.
3 W Galpin, MAP Leegem, 108-10-0; peg Isl 4Wayne Galpin fished shallow at 13m with cubed meat to claim third place with another nice ton plus net of carp.
4 S Parker, Mothers Pride, 103-4-0;
5th D Oldham, Maltby, 87-2-0

Thursday 9th May 2013 Veterans Open MatchMoat Pool (34 Pegs)
1 I Donaldson, Notts AA, 80-14-0; peg Isl 55On a wind swept Moat Pool, conditions were far from ideal for anglers today. Ian Donaldson opted for a more traditional approach as he fished a waggler rod with a centre pin reel at one rod length out to catch carp and bream using maggots and casters.
2 J Simms, MAP Leegem, 72-5-0; peg Isl 65Joe Simms fished short pole with pellets and corn to also catch a nice mixed net of carp and skimmers.
3 P Topham, Retford, 66-6-0; peg Isl 62Pete Topham took third spot fishing banded pellet on a bomb rod switching between pellet cone and pva bags.
4 P Tatley, MAP Leegem, 57-12-0; 5 A Berisford/ R Toulson, both had 53-12-0

Friday 12th May 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft PM Open Match

Moat Pool, 30 pegs
1 G Westwater, MAP Marukyu, 108-12-0 peg Out 53Graham Westwater edged this close match with a decent ton plus net of carp caught mainly from the margins. Graham fished the pole with pellet and corn over ground bait to both margin sides.
2 A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 107-5-0; peg Out 32Andy Oldham maintained his good form with another framing ton plus net of carp. Andy fished 6mm cubed meat and banded pellet shallow on the pole.
3 D Newman, MAP Leegem, 94-2-0; peg Out 47Daz Newman fished a ground bait feeder with hair rigged corn to the far side of the lake for third spot
4 J Oldfield, Sheffield, 91-0-0; D Whiting, Button Hole, 76-14-0;
6th N Potter, MAP Leegem, 75-4-0

Saturday 11th May 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match 
Moat (19 Pegs)

1 S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, 113-5-0; peg Out 29 155-2-0
Steve Clark hit form today with a decent ton plus net of carp and bream to claim the win. Steve fished on the deck at 13m, feeding 4mm pellets and using punched meat on the hook
2 S Robbins, MAP Leegem, 87-11-0 peg Out 25
Steve Robbins took second place with a a net of carp all caught on a pellet waggler fished shallow to the middle of Moat.
3 C Eves, Worksop, 82-10-0; peg Out 15
Chris Eves fished expander pellet over 4mm feed pellets to catch carp and skimmers for third spot.
4 S Stockley, Colmic, 71-15-0; 
5 A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 63-10-0

Sunday, 12th May 2013, MAP Leegem Spring League Round 10
Moat Pool 60 pegs
1st R Fox, MAP Leegem, 109-11-0; peg Isl 14
The final qualifying round of this year’s MAP Leegem league saw a downward turn in weather conditions and the recent good weights followed. Richard Fox though, found the right method for his peg as he was the clear winner with a nice ton plus net. Richard caught using Pellet waggler shallow to the middle of Moat.
2nd S Shepherd, Worksop, 79-2-0; peg Out 24
Steve Shepherd took second place with some decent carp and bream caught on long pole, using pellets and corn as baits.
3rd A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 67-14-0; peg Isl 2
Andy Sellars caught mainly carp too 7lbs from the edge margin using double corn over 4mm feed pellet to claim third spot.
4th G Gibson, Worksop, 58-4-0; 
5th G Mumby, MAP Leegem, 55-10-0; 
6th R Brooks, MAP Leegem, 48-0-0.

Sunday 12th May 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Bridge Island (10 pegs)

1 D Oldham, Maltby, 102-8-0; peg 10
Daz Oldham followed his brothers recent form with a victory of his own today. Daz fished meat on the pole at 12m to catch his winning net of carp and skimmers.
2 M Wilson, MAP Leegem, 92-8-0; peg 13
Matt Wilson took second place fishing expander pellet on the pole at 12m to catch a nice mixed net of fish.
3 M Brownwell, Mosborough tackle, 88-13-0; peg 15
Mick Brownwell fished meat on the pole to catch some decent size carp for third spot.