Holmedale Lake Open Match
Sunday 12/5/13
31 fished  

1st Andy Birkin Phil’s Bait & Tackle peg 34, 94-6-0
2nd Mick Wright Nathans of Derby peg 24, 93-8-0
3rd Steve Clark Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 36, 71-7-0
4th Tony Reeves Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 26, 69-7-0
5th Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 20, 67-1-0
6th John Darby Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 29, 66-9-0
Despite the colder conditions it was very close though out the field with Andy Birkin at the top, he fished the pole and paste short on the top 2 + 2, landing carp – 6lb and landing carp – 10lb from the margin late in the match finishing just in front of Mick Wright drawn at peg 24 he fished the pole and paste out at 9m landing carp – 9lb.

Wednesday Fun League 8/5/13
Holmedale Lake
24 fished
1st Tim Hayes Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 51, 191-15-0
2nd Mick Langton Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 56, 179-11-0
3rd Ben Holmes Matrix Trentman peg 39, 121-9-0
4th Graham Westwater Map Marukyu peg 23, 98-2-0
5th Kev Chaplin Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 26, 90-14-0
6th Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 33, 90-7-0
Tim broke the match record on the Sherwood lake on Sunday with 147lb 9oz  won his section on the Holmedale on Monday with 81lb 9oz and winning today with 191lb 15oz from peg 51, fishing the pole and 10mm meat on the hook  feeding 6mm cubes out at 13m and short at 5m landing a carp every put in – 8lb. 2nd placed Mick Langton fished the pole and 6mm meat at 14m down the margin on end peg 56 catching all match landing 48 carp – 10lb and weighing in a respectable 179lb 11oz. 

Tuesday open 7/5/13
Sherwood Lake
15 fished
1st Martin Rouse Mansfield Busman AC peg 44, 95-15-0
2nd Steve Richards Sherwood Forest Fishery peg 38, 88-3-0
3rd Fred Bispham Peg One Angling peg 47, 75-0-0
4th Mick Lysaght Rivendell AC peg 41, 62-10-0
Martin was late for the draw and the start of the match due to work commitments so he went all out for the carp, fishing the pole and corn down the margins he had 95lb 15oz of carp – 9lb. Second place went to Steve Richards fishing the pellet method feeder and corn cast to the island at peg 38 for 88lb 3oz of carp – 6lb.

Monday Open 6/5/13
Holmedale Lake
30 fished
1st Andy Lakey Worksop Angling peg 29, 178-9-0
2nd Ian Rowney Mansfield Piscatorial AS peg 11, 100-6-0
2nd Andy Morley Kiveton Park Fishery peg 32, 100-6-0
4th Kev Baxter Mosborough Tackle peg 51, 93-1-0
5th Jason White Subfish peg 42, 90-7-0
6th Phil Carline Used Tackle peg 19, 87-2-0
Andy fished the pole and paste on the top 2 + 2 and the method feeder and pellet cast down the margin at corner peg 29 having a fish most puts he landed 178lb 9oz of carp – 8lb. joint 2nd both Ian and Andy fished the pole and pellet out and paste short for carp – 9lb.