15th October 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft open.
Moat (48 Pegs).

N Vernon, Gainsborough. Island 27. 117-2-0.
Weights have slowed of late on Moat oool, however Neil Vernon still caught an impressive 100lb catch. Neil fished waggler shallow with 8mm pellet for 16 carp to 12lb.
L Payling, Peg One. Outer 18. 82-12-0.
Lee Payling fished short and long pole with hard 6mm banded pellet for carp to 10lb.
R Teigh, Handsworth. Outer 96. 71-12-0.
Rich Teigh fished expander pellet over micros and 4mm for a mixed net of carp and skimmers.
D Clegg, DJK floats. Outer 99. 66-15-0.
B Conry, Sheffield. Outer 48. 63-6-0.
14th October 2017 Saturday Carp/Silverfish Winter League Rnd 1
Moat Pool – 35 pegs

D Whiting, March Isl 49 130-14-0
Dave Whiting smashed the field today with a net of decent size carp taken on pole with double worm over smoked hemp.
D Graham, Doncaster Isl 44 94-5-0
Dave Graham also caught big carp but used pellets on short pole as his main tactics.
A Cordall, Bryden AC Out 106 87-12-0
Andy Cordall took third spot catching carp on pellet and corn on the pole.
L Wolstenholme, Sheffield Out 54 83-2-0
P Bagshaw, Leegem Out 6 82-6-0
12th October 2017 Thursday Veterans Match
Bridge Outer/Croft – 27 pegs

G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling B Out 20 46-10-0
A tough match today as the fish switched off for some reason. Geoff Hiley took the honours with carp caught on pole and pellets.
R Teigh, Handsworth B Out 17 44-1-0
Rich Teigh caught mainly small skimmers using long pole and expander pellets.
A Tait, Retford B Out 36 38-15-0
Alan Tait edged third place also catching mainly bream, but used short pole and maggots.
A Sellars, R&R Tackle B Out 23 38-10-0
P Schoof, Leegem C 19 36-4-0
9th October 2015 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge Island/Croft – 17 pegs

A Tait, Retford C 27 174-4-0
Alan Tait blitzed the field in todays match with a magnificent net of carp and silvers. Alan caught on the pole shallow with maggot and pellets.
D Boswell, Bryden AC C 0 67-11-0
Dave Boswell took second place from Croft. Dave caught carp on bomb and corn.
D Farr, New Ollerton C 15 58-14-0
Dave Farr edged the very close third place with some decent carp taken from the margins late on.
D Sewell, James Maude Linden C 24 58-13-0
K Crummey, Retford B isl 17 52-2-0
8th October 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.