Daiwa Hallcroft open
Moat (18 Pegs).

P Miles, Doncaster. Island 54. 31-4-0.
This was a tight finish for this Sunday open with 2lb between top 3. Pete Miles continued his good form with 2 carp and some skimmers on long pole and maggot.
P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks. Island 61. 30-15-0.
Pete Bagshaw fished pellet come with hair rigged corn for carp to 10lb.
G Gibson, Max Tackle. Island 57. 29-7-0.
Gordon Gibson also used tip with corn and pellet for his carp.
M Brumby, Gainsborough. Outer 55. 25-5-0
A Sellars, Rand R sports. Island 73. 20-5-0.
28th January 2017 Saturday Open Match
Moat Island – 10 pegs

G Gibson, Worksop 56 34-14-0
Gordon Gibson netted carp on banded pellet and a pellet cone to the middle of Moat.
S Clark, Mansfield 42 24-12-0
Steve Clark took second spot with a nice winter net of silvers caught on long pole and pellets.
P Miles, Rotherham Island 51 16-7-0
Pete Miles fished long pole with maggot and pellet for all skimmers and 3rd place
A Sellars, R and R sports. Island 60. 13-11-0.
T Butt, Sheffield. Island 47. 11-13-0.
26th January 2017 Thursday Veterans Winter League
Moat Pool – 22 pegs

A Payling, Peg One Isl 61 38-0-0
Arnie Payling caught carp and bream using a groundbait feeder with maggot and corn as hook baits to win today.
P Fisher, HALLCROFT Out 6 29-7-0
Paul Fisher edged the close second spot catching carp from the far bank on Moat Pool.
A Sellars, R & R Sports Isl 46 28-5-0
Andy Sellars claimed third place also catching carp on the tip from the middle of Moat.
P Topham, Retford Isl 40 18-2-0
G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling Isl 58 16-14-0