3rd December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Silverfish League.
Bridge/Moat and Croft (40 pegs).

I Littlewood, Northern In. Bridge Outer 10. 32-8-0.
Ian Littlewood won this latest round from unfancied peg 10 on bridge Outer. Ian fished caster over groundbait at 14m for all skimmers to 2lb.
G Tomlinson, Bridon AC. Bridge Isl. 13. 31-8-0.
There was a tie for second place with 31-8-0, both anglers alternating long and short with pellets and casters.
S Clark, Mansfield. bridge Island 17. 31-8-0.
J Barningham, Marukyu. Bridge Outer 22. 28-12-0.
S Barraclough, Browning. Moat Isl 40. 25-13-0.
3rd December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Reed (12 pegs).

J Skipper, Gainsborough. 38. 54-3-0.
JasonSkipper had the added bonus of a golden peg worth £75 for this win from reed 38,. Jason fished pellet on bomb and pole for carp to 6lb.
D Newman, Leegem. 45. 53-8-0.
Daz Newman fell just 1 fish short with 53lb. Daz fished long pole with corn and pellet.
D Hopkinson, Hallcroft. 34. 43-12-0.
Dave finished 3rd with 43lb of carp to 5lb.
P Wright, Leegem. 7. 32-0-0.
W Lomas, Leegem. 15. 27-8-0.
2nd December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat (16 Pegs).

A Sellars, R and R sports. Outer 46. 24-3-0.
With the carp reluctant to feed it was silver fish weights that dominated. Andy Sellars fished caster and maggot on waggler for 24lb of skimmers roach and perch.
P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks. Island 45. 22-12-0.
Pete Bagshaw fished maggot over groundbait for all skimmers and 22lb.
J Kelly, Doncaster. Outer 32. 13-15-0.
John fished feeder with red maggot for skimmers.
S Clark, Mansfield. Island 64. 13-4-0.
S Cameron, Dynamite. Outer 40. 12-5-0.
27th November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans.
Bridge/Croft (12 pegs).

D Dare, Blidworth. Croft 27. 70-5-0.
Dave Dare drew fancied peg 27 on Croft and made no mistake. Dave Dare fished bomb and pellet cone with hair rigged corn for carp to 7lb.
P Schoof, Hallcroft. Bridge Outer 14. 52-10-0.
Paul School fished PVA bag with 4 and 6mm pellet for carp to 12lb.
K Crummey, Retford. Bridge Outer 18. 47-9-0.
Keith used similar tactics to 2nd place for his 47lb carp catch.
D Whiting, March. Croft 10. 33-3-0.
M Hall, Tuxford. Croft 24. 32-13-0.