5th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft OpenMoat (39 Pegs)

J Wilde, ColmicOuter 26286-3-0Jamie Wilde ran away clear winner in this Sunday open with an impressive 286lb. Jamie fished shallow with meat for carp to 12lb

A Sellars, R and R SportsIsland 3089-3-0Andy Sellars also fished shallow but with waggler and 8mm pellet for his 12 carp and 2nd place

S Twigg, LeegemOuter 285-15-0Steve Twigg fished pellet, corn and meat down the marginal reeds for 19 carp• S Stockley, ColmicOuter 6383-7-0

S Shepherd, LeegemIsland 579-10-04th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft OpenCroft (14 Pegs)

M Smith, Sheffield382-15-0Mike Smith had to wait to the last few hours of the match to catch in the margins. Fishing corn and pellet he caught carp and tench for his 82lb

A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe1980-2-0Andy Whitehouse fished banded pellet shallow and down on the bottom for carp to 9lb

G Gibson, Leegem060-7-0Gordon Gibson fished shallow with meat and pellet and down the margin for carp to 8lb

D Oldham, Maltby652-4-0• N Footitt, Retford2246-9-04th June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Feeder MastersMoat / Bridge Outer (60 Pegs)

B HolmesMoat Out 597-5-0Ben Holmes won this feeder master qualifier with 97lb. Ben fished pellet feeder with a bandum for 18 carp to 7lb

A Fulleylove, PrestonBridge 2478-13-0Andy Fulleylove used similar tactics to the winner for his carp and skimmers

R Upex, Feeder MasterBridge 1276-12-0Rob Upex alternated standard feeder and pellet feeder for carp into double figures

P Richardson, FantackletasticMoat 5071-15-0• T Holland, DocklowMoat 10170-15-03rd June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft AfternoonMoat Island (24 pegs)

A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe58203-5-0Man in form Andy Whitehouse broke the double ton from peg 58. Using banded pellet both deep and shallow Andy caught carp to double figures all match

N Hirst, Ackworth AC38105-4-0Neil Hirst fished pellet on short pole for 18 carp and skimmers

D Oldham, Maltby2383-6-0Daz Oldham alternated pellet and meat at 13m for carp to 8lb

P Schoof, Hallcroft277-9-0• N Wood, Hallcroft867-8-02nd June 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft VetsMoat (36 Pegs)

G Hiley, MansfieldOuter 1774-3-0Geoff Hiley continues his good form from outer 17. Geoff fished pellet and meat on long pole for carp to 10lb

P Schoof, HallcroftIsland 6473-12-0Paul Schoof alternated paste and catmeat over pellet and hemp for his 2nd place finish

D sewell, James Maude ACOuter 8465-13-0Dave Sewell fished pellet and meat short and down the margin for carp and skimmers

D Boswell, Bridon ACIsland 1358-13-0• M Boothby, RetfordIsland 952-15-031st May 2016 Tuesday Pm Costcutter OpenBridge Pool – 12 pegs

N Wheatcroft, Bryden ACOut 1489-12-0Nigel Wheatcroft fished long pole with pellet and meat to catch carp and bream.

T Holland,Isl 1884-4-0Tracy Holland fished a groundbait feeder as practice for the Preston Feeder Masters this coming weekend. Tracy caught on banded pellet.

K Crummey, RetfordOut 2273-10-0Keith Crummey fished a pellet feeder towards the island to catch carp and skimmers.30th May 2016 Spring Bank Holiday Festival – MondayMoat Pool – 30 pegs

S Clark, MansfieldIsl 67287-2-0Steve Clark turned the festival on it’s head with a magnificent net of carp to win the overall title with 333lbs. Steve caught using meat and worms on the pole

.• S Twigg, LeegemOut 19200-11-0Steve Twigg netted another 2 ton plus net of carp to take second place in today’s match. Steve fished paste over hemp on the pole at 12m.

A Whitehouse, ScunthorpeIsl 62167-15-0Andy Whitehouse had a great weekend with 2 ton-plus weights of carp. Andy caught carp using pole and pellets

.• J Barningham, Lincoln WhisbyOut 97164-10-0• P Elliot, LeegemOut 37139-3-029th May 2016 Sunday Open Match/Bank Holiday FestivalMoat Pool – 39 pegs

D Oldham, MaltbyOut 63220-5-0Daz Oldham was today’s clear winner with a brilliant 2 ton plus net of carp. Daz fished long pole through the depths using luncheom meat and pellets.

N Vernon, GainsboroughIsl 33159-14-0Neil Vernon took second place with another decent net of carp. Neil caught on pole with pellet and corn then fished a bomb with meat over the top to good effect in the second half of the match.

A Whitehouse, ScunthorpeOut 75141-1-0Andy Whitehouse fished the pole shallow with meat to catch enough carp and bream for third place

.• P Wright, LeegemIsl 3793-14-0• P Elliott, LeegemIsl 5490-3-0• J Wilde, ColmicOut 5989-15-0