Deep sea fishing in the Barents Sea




THE fish are bigger, colours are brighter everywhere, and the great hospitality fits the awesome arctic surrounding.
We take you 500 miles North of the Arctic Circle, 70º 52’ N where the nutrient rich waters of the Barents Sea attract arctic salmon, sea trout, halibut, cod, Norway haddock, and giant Kamchatka crabs. In the Arctic Ocean all life is that little bit bigger to compensate for the cold environment – but just imagine a crab measuring 2 metres from claw to claw!

Kamchatka crabs are thriving.
The Kamchatka crab has been released by the Russians many years ago into the Barents Sea as a food source. In these warmer Norwegian waters, the crabs have multiplied to an enormous extend, continuously migrate further South. One day they might even appear in our home waters.

The Land And Its People
There is something special about the light here up North: when the sun is high up in the sky the hills cast blue and purple shadows. Translucent pastel colours glow in the level autumn sun, there is a blue twilight, the sky is on fire and then the sun disappears. Until you go out again the next day there is plenty of time to savour the delicious home cooked food in Kongsfjord Gjestehus, to have a

Twilight at Kongsfjord.
chat, relax and dream about the great day that lies behind you and the ones that are still to come. It is not just nature that is unspoilt by tourism, the people too are unspoilt.
Kongsfjord itself is special in more than one way: unlike virtually any other town or city in Norway it was not destroyed during the second world war – there are plenty of old houses – like bright specs of colour dotted all along the fjord. A good place to admire the scenery is on top of Tanahorn, with 269 metres the highest hill in the area and also the site of ancient Samian worship and sacrifice. When you are not out fishing, there are many other quiet walks to enjoy the unique beauty of the Norwegian tundra, its flowers and rich bird life.
The dramatic landscape includes glaciers.

The dramatic arctic landscape, its amazing wildlife, excellent food and accommodation make this a great place for a family holiday. There is a different adventure for everybody: walks along the beach, hikes to fells and fjords, rock climbing, scuba diving, glass making, boat trips to bird and seal colonies.

The Incredible Fishing
MS La Mar is a comfortable 36 feet cabin cruiser equipped

Our fully-equipped 36 feet cruiser.

for trolling and deep sea fishing, with echo sounder, GPS and fish finder, with rods and reels of IGFA 30 lb class and all other necessary equipment – a knowledgeable and experienced guide included. She can take a maximum of 8 persons for deep sea fishing or 12 passengers for sea safaris.
You can book trips from the beginning of March when there is still snow and winter weather. Spring begins in May when the Arctic Ocean is bathed in the light of the midnight sun.
May to June is the main season for trolling for salmon and sea trout. In July the sun begins to set again at night. Towards October winter moves in with the first snow and gales, the boat can go out only after carefully considering the weather; and at night you can see the Northern Lights: shimmering veils, like mermaids’ hair, are blown across the starry sky by the hot breath of the sun.

Battle with huge cod like this..
Or target the ferocious-looking sea catfish.








Kongsfjord Gjestehus

It’s hard not to be happy in this place!
A beautiful old house, lovingly restored to its former glory, Kongsfjord Gjestehus offers delicious home cooked food, using fresh local ingredients, in a great atmosphere. There are a range of accommodation and catering options available, from full board to self catering, from rooms with en suite facilities to apartments sleeping up to 6 persons.

Berlevåg Pensjonat & Camping

Open all year except between 25 December and 14 January. Established in 1994 and under Swiss management and ownership, this modern camp site is both spotlessly clean and it has a warm welcoming atmosphere. Choose from bed and breakfast accommodation with en suite facilities, self catering holiday flats, or spaces for caravans, camper vans and tents (with shared WC, showers, lounge, kitchen, laundry, electricity).

Accommodation in Kongsfjord Gjestehus starts at NOK 250 (£21*) per person per day (or NOK 1,500/£126 per person per week), spaces at the campsite are between NOK 90 and NOK 150 (£7.50* and £13*) per day. Full board (three meals) is NOK 350 (£30*) per person per day.

Private charter of MS La Mar (including your guide) starts at NOK1,640 (£140*) for two hours, or for just NOK 4,900 (£410*) your party (up to eight people for fishing) can charter her for the whole day (eight hours).

* Prices in £ are for illustration only and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

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