Three-Tone Blob

Hook: Kamasan B175, size 10
Thread: Red
Tail: Bunch of pearl Flash Attack
Body: Hot orange and sunburst Flash Attack Fritz

I’ve chosen this because it’s a fantastic all-rounder for me and it’s not often that it doesn’t feature on my leader. It seems to catch everywhere, at any time. The fly is most regularly fished on a Di3, Di5 or Di7 line, but it’s also very effective on a midge-tip line. In the latter set-up I fish it on the top dropper with two or three nymphs behind it. The fly seems to attract the fish to the rig.
I think the important part of this pattern is the ‘sandwich’ of Fritz colours. Some people may not think it’s necessary, but the sunburst band acts as an additional target for the trout. I’m convinced that it makes the difference – it works awesomely, and not just for the stockies; I took a cracking 5lb 5oz overwintered rainbow from Rutland just a few days ago on it.

UV Cruncher

Hook: Kamasan B175, size 10
Tail: Red game cock
Body: Pheasant tail fibres
Rib: Silver wire
Thorax: Flash Attack UV Flash
Hackle: Greenwell’s cock

This is another great all-rounder. It’s superb from early May for fish feeding on a whole bunch of different food items, be it pin fry, nymphs or buzzers. When the UV Flash gets caught in the sun you can really see it glint – I’m sure it helps to attract the fish.
This pattern is nearly always fished on a midge-tip or floating line, retrieved very slowly or simply left static; I’ll often combine it with the blob pattern above, or with buzzers.
It’s my number-one fly when fish are feeding on pin fry at Rutland. As long as you cast accurately enough in front of the fish, they’ll rarely refuse this!
I’ll always remember when I first tied and started using this a couple of season’s back on Rutland. I was fishing the Lexus competition with RAF team member Dave Newing and I very quickly took my limit with the fly in Spud Bay. Dave insisted that I gave him the fly – he also quickly took his limit!

UV Rib Buzzer

Hook: Flash Attack Grub 8
Body: Black thread
Rib: Flash Attack UV Flash
Thorax: Black thread
Cheeks: Red holographic tinsel
Thorax cover: Pearl tinsel

This is a favourite buzzer pattern of mine and several of my fishing friends. Again, the UV just shines through when caught in the sun. To be honest, I’m using UV Flash on most of my patterns now; I honestly believe it’s that good. It’s a definite attractor and is my top-selling material.
Anyway, this one makes a great ‘anchor fly’ in the point position on a buzzer rig; it sinks quickly and helps hold the rest of the leader and flies where I want them.
I’ll fish it on a floating line or a midge tip, static or with a very slow retrieve. I don’t use an indicator; I know the big debate about that method, but it’s not for me thanks.
This is also a very versatile pattern when used in a team as far as searching the depths is concerned. I’ll use one of these on the point when fish are higher in the water, with lightweight nymphs above. However, if the fish are feeding deeper, I’ll use up to four of them, which helps get right down deep among the fish.
I’ve caught most of my early Rutland buzzer feeders on this fly over the last couple of seasons, the best bag being from the middle of the South Arm in May, when I took eight fish for 27lb, including a 4lb 13oz rainbow.

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