Two online tackle stores are marking their merger with the introduction of a loyalty scheme that could see customers save up to 7% on all purchases.

Kent based will carry on as normal after merging with Tight Lines UK and is bringing in the Loyalty Membership Scheme based on a points system that is free to get involved in, and awards points for every purchase you make in the story. 
For every pound spent, you earn a point, with discounts kicking in once 50 points are accrued. Simply, the more points you earn, the more you save on subsequent purchases, as outlined in the table below.

Membership Tier      Points Eligibility         Discount Applicable 

Silver                                  50                                        2% 

Gold                                  250                                        5%

 Platinum                         500                                         7% boss Ian Harper said: “On top of the above membership discounts we are also giving you money for every point earned. One point is equivalent to 3p (£0.03p) and this can be saved for that special item or used as discount on future orders.

As a special thank you to all our existing customers, any past purchases will be included and Loyalty Points will be automatically added to existing accounts.”

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