15th September 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Sunday Open Match
Moat Pool, 32 pegs

S Shepherd, Worksop Isl 43 134-6-0
Steve Shepherd fished a great match in tough conditions using short pole with paste to win today’s open. Steve netted carp too 10lbs plus some nice bream. 

N Vernon, Gainsborough Out 78 111-1-0
Neil Vernon took second place fishing double corn on a short pole line over 6mm pellets to catch another nice ton plus net of carp.

L Sears, Daiwa Marukyu Isl 9 104-12-0
Luke Sears fished cat meat on short pole and corn to the margins over 4mm feed pellets for third spot today.  

G Gibson, Worksop Isl 64 83-14-0 Pole at cat meat

P Elliott, MAP Leegem Out 98 82-0-0 Pole at pellet

I Jowell, MAP Leegem Isl 40 81-10-0 Pole and corn

14th September 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Saturday Open Match
Moat Outer (20 pegs)

S Clark, Sensas Mansfield 15 94-6-0
Steve Clark fished short pole with pellet and worms to the margins to win today’s open with just short of the ton plus mark.

G Gibson, Worksop 64 78-13-0
Gordon Gibson took second spot fishing catmeat over pellets down both margin sides.

J Kelly, Kelly’s Stores 74 70-14-0
John Kelly edged third place with carp and bream caught on long pole with pellet and meat.

A Sellars, Bankside Tackle 20 69-8-0 Pole with meat

P Stanley, Woodseats 109 62-12-0 Pole and paste

13th September 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon open
Moat Outer (30 pegs)

N Wood (Hallcroft) 92 119-1-0
Nigel Wood continued his good form with this victory from outer 92. Nigel fished paste over pellet and hemp at 6m and into the edge for 15 carp to 12lb

M Hall (Map Tuxford) 36 118-4-0
Mick Hall also used paste as well as banded 6mm pellet for a mixture of carp and skimmers

L Sears (Daiwa/Marukyu) 68 106-8-0
Luke caught majority of his fish on red and black 10mm jpz pellets over micros

P Miles (Doncaster) 24 104-0-0

J Hobson (Sheffield) 39 99-12-0

12th September 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Bridge/Croft Pool (32 Pegs)

D Sewell (James Maude AC) Bridge Isl 6 109-4-0
Dave Sewell blitzed this over 50 field with a cracking 100lb. Dave fished pellet and meat on short pole feeding 4mm feed pellet for 14 carp and a few skimmers

A Payling (Peg One) Croft 3 76-14-0
Arnie Payling opted for a pellet approach on croft catching a mixed bag of skimmers, tench and small carp

B Poole (Bag Em Baits) Bridge Isl 16 69-8-0
Bob fished paste over pellet and hemp at 11m for carp to double figures

P Schoof (Leeds) Bridge Isl 24 63-12-0

J Hobson (Sheffield) Bridge Out 15 63-10-0

10th September 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon open
Moat Outer (30 pegs)

S Robbins (Map Leegem) 12 112-10-0
There were some consistent weights for this latest tuesday afternoon match with plenty of catches in excess of 80lb. Leading the way was Steve Robbin from peg 12. Steve fished pellet and corn at 6m and into the margins for carp to 10lb

M Hall (Map Tuxford) 110 104-8-0
Mick Hall opted for shallow 6mm pellet on long pole and later switched to corn over groundbait and micropellets for 21 carp

A Bailey (Daiwa Dons) 101 94-8-0
Andy Bailey alternated pellet and meat on short pole for carp into double figures

W Plant (Subfish) 98 92-10-0

N Wood (Hallcroft) 74 89-10-0

9th September 2013 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge/Croft Pool, 25 pegs

J Hobson, Sheffield Croft 3 74-1-0
Jack Hobson continued his good form with victory in today’s match. Jack fished paste and pellet for a nice mixed bag.

J Simms, MAP Leegem B Island 5 73-2-0
Close behind was Joe Simms who caught carp and bream at 8m using banded feed pellets.

C Line, Retford Angling Centre B Island 11 66-4-0
Chris Line took third place with some nice carp caught using corn and pellet.

D Whiting, Hallcroft B Outer 48 58-4-0 Pole and Paste

G Brooks, Maltby Croft 24 55-10-0