Dominant Daiwa Dorking rounded off the year with their forth major team success on Nottingham’s Newark Dyke on 24th/25th September 2011. Their emphatic victory over 9 of Britain’s top teams has surely guaranteed their number one UK status.
This World Club qualifier is now in its second year and is made up of teams finishing in the top ten of the Angling Trust Division One National Championships.

The Preston Innovation sponsored event saw Daiwa Dorking make a second day comeback changing a 7 point day one deficit into an 11 point win over Browning Hotrods leaving Starlets Kamasan and Barnsley and District trailing in their wake.
Daiwa Dorking will now represent England in the 2012 FIPSed World Club Championships which will take place next June in Portugal.  The huge £7,000 winners cheque was presented to Daiwa Dorking team Manager, Steve Sanders by Preston Innovations Managing Director, Sarah Phoenix.
The weekend however started off with a fantastic performance by Browning Hotrods who were led from the front by their team captain Tim Nash. Tim’s first day catch of 7.600 kilos was just enough to push Barnsley’s Sam Wildsmith’s 6.700 kilos into second spot. The Hotrods team finished 7 points ahead of Dorking taking them into the lead on day one.
The match was fished to FIPSed rules with bloodworm and joker in limited amounts being used and it was single bloodworm on the hook that tempted two huge Trent barbel to take Tim’s offering.
Sam Wildsmith had a great day catching quality roach on long pole in his runner up spot.
Day One team result:
1. Browning Hotrods 17 points
2. Daiwa Dorking  24
3. Maver Image Van den Eynde 25
4. Starlets Kamasan 26
5. Barnsley & District AAS 29
6. Dynamite Fox Match Trentmen 29
7. Hull Works Sports Association 35
8. Garbolino Harrison Lincs County 45
9. Daiwa Doncaster & District 50
10. Sensas Mark One 50
Individuals first day.
1. Tim Nash   Browning Hotrods  7.600 kilos
2. Sam Wildsmith  Barnsley & District AAS  6.700 kilos
3. Steve Hemmingrey  Starlets Kamasan  3.830 kilos
It was the same again on the second day for Tim Nash when he drew the same peg as before. This time however, he had been pre warned so he set up to catch barbel from the start by feeding more hemp and casters and fishing lobworm and later on red maggot on the hook.  This time 4 barbel and a 2.500 kilo bream gave Tim a weight of 15.640 kilos and a second day match and section win. Second on the day was Barnsley’s Dave Brooks with a weight of 10.040 kilos which included two huge barbel in his catch.  With 2 section wins and a massive weight advantage Tim held off a great performance from Danny Grimsey who also had two section wins and a weight of 5.400 kilos.
However, it was to be Daiwa Dorking’s day as the team turned in another magic performance. Targeting the Trent’s small roach and gudgeon with a stunning bloodworm and joker attack the team surged to an 11 point lead whilst first day leaders Browning Hotrods slipped into seventh spot on the day and second overall.
Day Two team result:
1. Daiwa Dorking 18 points
2. Barnsley and District AAS 26.5 points
3. Starlets Kamasan 29 points
4. Hull Works Sports 30 points
5. Maver Image Van Den Eynde 31 points
6. Sensas Mark One 35 points
7. Browning Hotrods 36 points
8. Daiwa Doncaster and District 36.5 points
9. Dynamite Fox Match Trentmen 42 points
10. Garbolino Harrison Lincs County 46 points
Individuals day two:
1. Tim Nash, Browning Hotrods 15.640 kilos
2. Dave Brooks, Barnsley and District AAS  10.040 kilos
3. Darren Davies, Daiwa Dorking  4.110 kilos
Final team placings:
1. Daiwa Dorking 42 points  24.570 kilos
2. Browning Hotrods 53 points  38.690 kilos
3. Starlets Kamasan 55 points  18.450 kilos
4. Barnsley and District AAS 55.5 points  29.650 kilos
5. Maver Image Van Den Eynde 56 points  17.150 kilos
6. Hull Works Sports Association 65 points  12.670 kilos
7. Dynamite Fox Match Trentmen 71 points  14.950 kilos
8. Sensas Mark One 85 points  10.740 kilos
9. Daiwa Doncaster and District 86.5 points  11.970 kilos
10. Garbolino Harrison Lincs County 91 points  7.980 kilos
Individuals final placings:
1. Tim Nash  Browning Hotrods  2 points  23.240 kilos
2.  Danny Grimsey Maver Image Van Den Eynde  2 points  5.400 kilos
3. Dave Brooks  Barnsley and District AAS  3 points  13.090 kilos
Good luck to Daiwa Dorking when they try to win this prestigious FIPSed World Club Championships next year in Portugal.
The Angling Trust would like to thank and offer their appreciation to the sponsors, Preston Innovations for supporting and donating the prize money for this very prestigious event.