37 Anglers took part in this midweek annual event on the Old Lake at Bury Hill Fishery and for plenty of the competitors the bream and skimmers were obliging. Day 1 saw Ed Green draw peg 74 and he took full advantage putting together an excellent feeder performance with 84-0-0 of bream up to 5lbs on corn and pellet to take top honours and the overnight lead.

Terry Harrison on peg 31 switched between long pole and feeder to take second spot with 78-7-0 of bream and skimmers plus the odd tench. Geoff Vallence put in another good feeder effort for third spot with 68-13-0 of bream from peg 71 on the Wimbledon bank which turned out to be the most consistent section on day 1 with 5 of the top 7 weights all coming from that section.

1st Ed Green Guildford AC 84-0-0
2nd Terry Harrison Dorking 78-7-0
3rd Geoff Vallence Delcac 68-13-0
4th Rob Draisey East Grinstead AS 59-15-0
5th Dave Johnson Hackbridge 59-7-0
6th Ryan Watson KC Angling 57-12-0

A Andy Ryan Hackbridge 47-4-0
B Adam Lee Banstead 34-8-0
C Mark Glyn KC Angling 50-12-0
D Russ Evans Sticky/ Steve Walker Carshalton DAS both 39-12-0
E Sean Clifford Delcac/ Gareth Phillips Apollo both 54-0-0

Day Two
With overnight rain and a change in wind direction it was going to be interesting to see if the huge shoals of bream and skimmers had moved and for most the fish had but not for Geoff Vallence who drew peg 31 and pole fished his way to an impressive 101-8-0 of bream, skimmers and tench on the 14 metre pole line. Using soft pellets and corn over pellets and groundbait Geoff caught virtually all match form the same peg which produced second place the day before. With a final total of 170-5-0 Geoff claimed his second Bury Hill September festival winning over £500 for his troubles. Ed Green drew the same bank as the previous day on peg 67 and pole fished his way to a superb 79-12-0 of bream to score a final total of 163-12-0 and second on the day and in the festival. Lee Perry put in a good long pole performance from the deepest peg on the lake, peg 24 on the front bank to put 57-15-0 on the scale for third and fifth in the festival.

Day Two Result:
1st Geoff Vallence Delcac 101-8-0
2nd Ed Green Guildford AC 79-12-0
3rd Lee Perry Carshalton DAS 57-15-0
4th Robbie Taylor Delcac 56-0-0
5th Stuart Leavers Guildford AC 48-9-0
6th John Brice East Grinstead 44-7-0

A John Robinson Medway Tackle 33-15-0
B Rob Draisey East Grinstead 43-11-0
C Don Garnish KC Angling 42-0-0
D Paul Hamlyn Delcac 23-4-0
E Andy Baller 26-15-0

Overall Top 5
1st Geoff Vallence 170-5-0
2nd Ed Green 163-12-0
3rd Terry Harrison 108-1-0
4th Rob Draisey 103-10-0
5th Lee Perry 93-5-0