The inclusion of a 2.5mm diameter hollow Glow Tip makes the new Margin Crystal Float a really versatile design.

It works exceptionally well for fishing in the margins and towards far-bank islands.

The highly visible antenna means it just as useful for open water and can even be used for fishing shallow.

The transparent Crystal® body ensures the float is much less conspicuous to wary fish compared to a traditionally painted pole float. As with all Crystal® pole floats it is engineered in Drennan’s own factories, super strong and built to last.

The tough polymer bodies are produced on our unique machines which had to be specially designed and modified to blow-mould at this miniature scale.

A thick 1mm glass stem offers both strength and stability.

A double-wound, spring side eye protects the line and cannot be ripped out of the body like a traditional side eye.

Four sizes from 0.2g up to 0.5g allow the float to comfortably cover depths up to 6ft (2m) with ease.

The highly visible Glow Tip is available in red or yellow and is a large enough diameter to support substantial hook baits such as sweetcorn, pellets and worms.

The Margin Crystal is destined to be another classic and a must-have float in every pole angler’s armoury!

Clear Crystal® body
Highly buoyant
Unique blow-moulding technology
Ultra tough construction
Double wound spring side eye
Durable 1mm glass stem 2.5mm
Glow Tip Red or yellow tips 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g and 0.5g sizes

The new Drennan International Margin Crystal Float
The new Drennan International Margin Crystal Float