Jason Cann shows how he ties his close range drift wood surface set-up.

THIS is a close-range, surface rig for stalking carp under the rod tips off the top. You can’t cast this very far as the controller is made from lightweight floating putty that, when moulded around your hook link swivel, looks exactly like a piece of twig or a dead reed stem. Certainly, if you are careful, the carp won’t know they are being fished for!

It’s such a simple rig. Using an 8lb or 10lb main line, tie a swivel and hook link on. That’s it. Then mould the required amount of Kryston Drift Wood around the hook link swivel.

You can fish extremely delicate presentations with this rig. I like to fish with a 6lb or 8lb hook link, a size 10 or 12 hook and a single sunflower seed – which I glue to the shank of the hook – as a hook bait.

Use this rig with a seed or any bait you like at close range. Stalk individual fish and cast to them with this presentation – there isn’t a more exciting form of surface fishing.

Other than the hook, this is all you’ll need – a pack of Drift Wood and a size 8 or 10 swivel to attach your main line to the hook link.
To create the ‘controller’, tie on the hook link and mould the putty around the swivel like this. It’s as simple as that!
STEP Three
This is what the finished controller looks like. It’s perfect for close-range fishing for carp that are easily spooked.
Tie a size 10 hook onto the end of your hook link and glue a single sunflower seed to it. It might just make the difference.