Big fish angler Duncan Charman visits his favourite venue for crucian carp, day ticket Marsh Farm Fishery in Surrey, to illustrate how he goes about targeting these bars of gold in daylight and more importantly, at night. 

In this programme exclusive to Fishing TV, the Korum ace starts on the float, revealing the tactics he uses when fishing a running line and pole float, his feeding strategies, and his number one bait for crucians.


However, the daylight is the calm before the storm with this enigmatic species, as when the veil of darkness falls, these crucians do a Jekyl and Hyde, belying their reputation as gentle feeders as they become both competitive and aggressive. 

This allows Duncan to employ sel- hooking rigs, and he uses the technique to devastating effect to bag some magnificent Marsh Farm crucians to 3lb 7oz.

‘Duncan Charman: Specimen Crucians’ is FREE TO VIEW, split into three parts, in the current issue of Coarse & Match Fishing.

You can watch it online, on ipads and on i-phones and now on Samsung Smart TVs as well.

Just click on the link below to get going..


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