Dynamite Baits XL Range

A comprehensive range of pellets, particles, breadcrumbs and groundbaits.


Pure Brown Crumb

The finest brown crumb, hand toasted by Dynamite Baits. Soft and fluffy and perfect on its own or for bulking other mixes.

Price: £1.75 per 900g bag


Pure White Crumb

Soft and fluffy white breadcrumb. Ideal for all manner of fishing applications from bread punch to carp fishing.

Price: £1.75 per 900g bag



Red Crumb

Dark red coloured breadcrumb. Ideal for colouring and bulking out mixes for specimen fishing. The red colour is great for bream fishing.

Price: £1.95 per 900g bag


Black Crumb

A superb clear water feed that’ll form a fine bed of particles for fish to graze over.

Price: £1.95 per 900g bag

Five sizes of Trout Pellets.

Fine trout pellet powder.

















2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Trout Pellets

Made from the best fishmeal and oils, these pellets offer all the essential nutrients and amino acids carp need for a complete healthy diet.

Price: From £2.59 to £2.79 per 900g bag


High Oil Trout Pellet Powder

This is simply our high quality trout pellets crushed down into powder form for use in groundbait or as a paste.

Price: £2.85 per 900g bag

4mm, 6mm and 1mm Expanders

Five sizes of Carp Pellets

















4mm, 6mm and 11mm Expanders

Easy to prepare expander pellets for feeding and hookbait. They’ll float when used straight from the pack, but left to soak in water they’ll go soft and will sink when you squeeze them lightly.

Price: £2.35 per 900g bag


2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 11mm Carp Pellets

Low oil feed pellets that are packed full of goodness. These pellets contain a high level of nutrients and feed stimulants that hold feeding carp for a long time in your swim.

Price: From £2.49 to £2.75 per 900g bag


Crushed Hempseed

As the name suggests this is simply hempseed that has been crushed for use in groundbaits to make them more active.

Price: £2.49 per 700g bag


Large Hempseed

Large uncooked hempseed that’s a great on waters that have seen standard sized hempseed time and time again. Ideal for all species of fish. £2.95 per 900g bag



Uncooked mix of different particles. A massive ‘untapped’ bait in specimen carp fishing circles.

Price: £2.95 per 900g bag


Tiger Nut Carpet Feed.

Fishmeal Method Mix.


















Tiger Nut Carpet Feed

A sweet groundbait containing a large amount of finely crushed tiger nuts – one of the all time best carp fishing baits.

Price: £3.50 per 900g bag


Fishmeal Method Mix

A superb carp attractor that contains a large amount of crushed pellets and fishmeal. Ideal for pole, waggler and all feeder fishing.

Price: £2.95 per 900g bag



Monster Meaty Chunks, Meaty Fish Bites,  Fish Gutz & Groundbaits


Meaty Fish Bites.

Monster Meaty Chunks.











Monster Meaty Chunks

Individual large meat chunks glugged in an oily fish attractant.

Price: £3.95 per 435g tin


Meaty Fish Bites and Mini Meaty Fish Bites

Similar to the Monster Meaty Chunks, but far smaller in size. Ideal for match style carp fishing. Can be used whole or cut into smaller pieces to tailor to the conditions – a winner.

Price: £2.25 per 195g tin


Fish Gutz

A highly potent fish attractor and feed stimulant that will boost your baits. Try putting a small amount in the water you use to mix your groundbait with.

Price: £4.95 per 100ml bag


Frenzied Hemp Feeder Mix.

Booster Crumb.











Frenzied Hemp Feeder Mix

Finely crushed Frenzied Hempseed. The ultimate addition to any feeder groundbait.

Price: £2.49 per 450g bag


Strawberry & Brazem Molassed Booster Crumb

Our finest brown  crumb flavoured with either strawberry or brazem. Ideal for warmer waters or for targeting bream and carp.

Price: £2.49 per 900g bag



Marine Halibut Pellets & Groundbait

Marine Halibut Pellets in sizes up to 21mm.
The ultimate bait for carp and barbel fishing. Marine Halibut Pellets and groundbait contain all the essential nutrients, vitamins and amino acids carp need for a complete diet. They’re super oily, which helps to pull fish into your swim. A massively popular bait on waters up and down the country. The pellets are available in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 14mm and 21mm sizes. All the Marine Halibut range contains pre-digested fishmeals and oils to make what is one of THE most successful carp baits on the match and specimen market.

Price: Groundbait £3.65 per 1kg bag, pellets £3.20 per 1kg bag


Swim Stim Groundbaits & Pellets

There are four different Swim Stim groundbaits in the range: Betaine Green, Amino Black,

Swim Stim pellets in green, black and natural.
Natural and Method Mix. There are 3mm and 6mm pellets to match the Betaine Green, Amino Black and Natural groundbaits. There is also an 8mm Betaine Green pellet available now.

The Swim Stim Method Mix is a fine formula specifically designed for open end and Method feeder fishing. All the groundbaits and pellets are nutritionally perfect and there is yet to be a groundbait that can match the effectiveness and popularity of the Swim Stim range.

Price: £3.20per 900g bag, Method Mix £3.75 per 1kg


Jarred & Tinned Particles

All these particles are either cooked in the tin or in the jar to retain all the bait’s natural oils and nutrients, making them more effective than any other seed or nut baits available.

Price: Jars, from £6.99 to £9.99 per 2.5litre jar. Tins, from £2.25 to £4.45 per tin


Available in 2.5litre jars:

Frenzied Feeder Hempseed

Frenzied Feeder Maize

Frenzied Feeder Tiger Nuts

Frenzied Feeder Mini Tiger Nuts

Frenzied Feeder Chopped Tiger Nuts

Frenzied Feeder Mixed Particles





Available in tins:

(The weight of each tinned bait varies from 500g to 830g dependent on the product)

Frenzied Hempseed

Frenzied Monster Tiger Nuts

Frenzied Maple Peas

Frenzied Maize

Frenzied Lupins

Frenzied Mini Tigers

Frenzied Chopped Tigers

Frenzied Tares

Frenzied Mixed Particles


Monster Tiger Nut Boilies

All the natural sugars and attractants found in tiger nuts rolled into boilies. These baits are enhanced with palatants further emphasize the bait’s attraction to carp.

There are 10mm, 15mm and 20mm bottom baits available as well as 15mm, 18mm and 20mm pop ups and a Tiger Nut liquid attractant.


10mm to 20mm shelf life boilies from £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm shelf life boilies £19.29 per 2.5kg

10mm to 18mm freezer baits £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm pop-ups £4.99 per pot

Tiger Nut Liquid £4.99 per 250ml bottle


Frank Warwick Fluro Pop-Ups

A range of six different coloured highly attractive 15mm and 20mm Fluro pop-up boilies designed by Frank Warwick.

The flavours available are :

Spicy Shrimp & Prawn

Monster Crab

Squid & Octopus

Pineapple Plus

Strawberry Ice Cream, Scopex

Price: £5.95 per pot


Hi-Attract Range By Frank Warwick

Developed to complement the Hi Attract Fluro pop-up hook baits, this range of nutritionally

The Frank Warwick High Attract range.
balanced food baits have been perfectly formulated with highly digestible ingredients to make the fish feed for longer.

There are a range of complementary liquid attractants to boost your hook and feed baits and are totally irresistible to carp. The flavours include:

Spicy Shrimp & Prawn

Monster Crab

Squid & Octopus

Pineapple Plus

Strawberry Ice Cream



10mm to 20mm shelf life boilies £4.95 per 500g

10mm to 20mm shelf life boilies from £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm pop-ups £4.99 per pot

Liquid attractants £6.99 per 250ml tub



Marine Halibut Boilies, Pop-Ups & Dips

Developed from the highly effective Marine Halibut pellet, this boilie features a high

Marine Halibute Pop-Ups.
concentration of green lipped muscle and liver powder to make it even more unique.

It’s available in 10mm to 20mm sizes and there are 15mm to 20mm pop-ups and a liquid attractant available too.

10mm to 20mm shelf life boilies from £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm shelf life boilies £19.29 per 2.5kg

10mm to 18mm freezer baits £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm pop-ups £4.99 per pot

Tiger Nut Liquid £4.99 per 250ml bottle



The Source Pop-Ups, Boilies & Dips

The popular Source boilies.
This is one of the most widely used boilies on the market and its success goes from strength to strength. Developed by Terry Hearn, this boilie is Terry’s own recipe and has accounted foe English carp up to 50lb.

It’s available in 10mm to 20mm bottom baits, but there are also 10mm to 20mm pop-ups, a Source liquid attractant and base mixes available.

10mm to 20mm shelf life boilies from £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm shelf life boilies £19.25 per 2.5kg

15mm to 20mm shelf life boilies £74.36 per 10kg

10mm to 18mm freezer baits £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

10mm to 20mm pop-ups £4.50 to £5.99 per pot

Source Liquid £6.99 per 250ml bottle

Source Base Mix £6.95 per 1kg

Source Base Mix £57.95 per 10kg



Meaty Marine Pellet Boilies, Tinned Groundbait & Liquid Attractants

Meaty Marine groundbait in a tin!
The success of slow and fast release Meaty Marine Tinned groundbait has been unbelievable and the introduction of a Meaty Marine boilie has gone down a storm. It contains all of the instant attraction, flavours and irresistible water-soluble attractors found in the tinned groundbait.

There are 10mm to 20mm boilies available as well as 15mm and 20mm pop-up baits. In addition to this there’s also a Meaty Marine liquid attractant that can be used to flavour any baits and increase attraction.

Fast Acting tinned groundbait £5.99 per 900g tin

Slow Release tinned groundbait £5.99 per 900g tin

10mm to 20mm shelf life boilies £4.95 per 500g

10mm to 20mm shelf life boilies from £7.99 to £8.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm freezer baits £7.99 per 1kg

15mm to 20mm pop-ups £4.99 per pot

Meaty Marine Liquid £6.99 per 250ml bottle