VENUE:  DERWENT, Dynamite Baits Makins
DATE:  24 September 2009

1st John ADAMSON Kobra Feeders   67 lb 10 oz
2nd Bob RIMMINGTON Rivendell    63 lb 14 oz
3rd Mark PERKINS Dynamite Matchman Supplies   62 lb 12 oz 
4th Dave KENT  Long Eaton Victoria AS  49 lb 10 oz
5th Steve KEIGHTLEY Melton Mowbray   47 lb
Number of pegs: 20

The Thursday Kobra Affordable Open was fished on Derwent on Phase 3 of Dynamite Baits Makins, and in spite of the cold wind everyone around the lake caught carp.

Top weight was taken by Kobra Feeders angler John Adamson.  Fishing peg 16 at the far end of the lake, John landed 17 carp on method feeder fished tight to the island for 67 lb 10 oz.

Bob Rimmington (Rivendell), on peg 30 at the other end of the lake alternated meat and pellet for his 63 lb 14 oz catch, just edging out Dynamite Matchman Supplies ace Mark Perkins who had 62 lb 12 oz from peg 9.

Next Thursday’s Open match (1 October 2009) is on Phase 2 (Crater and Reptile), with the draw at 9.30 am.

NB.  ‘Kobra Affordable’ Opens are at Dynamite Makins each Wednesday on Phase 1 and Thursday on Phase 2 or 3 (except 2nd Thursday each month).  Telephone 07749 284 823, or be in the Car Park by 9.15 a.m. (£15 all in at the draw).

DATE:  23 September 2009
1st Shane DESMOND  Dynamite Baits   127 lb 14 oz
2nd Shaun CLAIRE Dynamite Matchman Supplies 110 lb 2 oz
3rd John ADAMSON Kobra Feeders   109 lb 10 oz
4th Barry DUGGAN  Warwick Portobello   107 lb 12 oz
5th Mark PERKINS Dynamite Matchman Supplies 89 lb 8 oz
Number of pegs: 23

The cold NW wind made sport slow on the Wednesday Kobra Affordablee Open match on Lake 2, Dynamite Baits Makins, but once again there was a close finish.

Dynamite Baits backed Shane Desmond, peg A4, alternated between straight bomb and pellet waggler fished close to the small island to catch carp throughout the match for his 127 lb 14 oz winning total.

Had second placed Shaun Claire not lost several carp through a hole in one of his keep nets on peg A14, he may have taken first place, instead of which his 110 lb 2 oz just pushed Kobra Feeders backed angler John Adamson’s 109 lb 10 oz from peg B17 into third spot.

NB.  ‘Kobra Affordable’ Opens are at Dynamite Makins every Wednesday on Phase 1.  Telephone 07749 284 823, or be in the Car Park by 9.45 a.m. (£15 all in at the draw).