After three highly successful years where Drennan Team England has won silver and two gold medals in the World Championships Joint NFA Team Manager Mark Downes and Mark Addy have decided to stick with the same six man squad for this year’s World Championships on Lake Valence in Hungary.


The match length is already well known to this squad of six who secured the European Championship title three years ago on the same venue.  The water will be full of skimmers up to 300 grams and Carp to 1 ½ kilos.  Mark Downes stated, “This is a really strong squad, feared by every nation in the world at the moment. What’s more the anglers in the squad are all in tip top form and gunning for that 3rd gold medal.”  The team will be Will Raison, Alan Scotthorne, Stuart Conroy, Sean Ashby, Des Shipp and Steve Gardner.


The European Championships in Modena Italy, along the Cavo Lama Canal, see England’s six man squad looking to improve on last year’s Bronze medal finish.  The squad will consist of; Alan Scotthorne, Steve Gardner, Will Raison, Stuart Conroy, Steve Hemingray and Darren Cox.


The recent ruling means that the same 6 anglers cannot represent a Nation in both events there must be at least 2 changes.  Mark Addy stated, “This new format gives us opportunity to try new anglers, but we have decided to stick with the same 6 men as last year to help develop their experience.  I’m sure the venue will suit them all and we will be disappointed if we don’t come back with a major medal.” 


The team has not been selected for the six Nations/Home Internationals as a venue has not been decided however Mark Downes states,” I hope this event continues to be run as I’m convinced the success we are having at present is benefited by this event.  It gives us the opportunity to blood new anglers as well as ensuring regulars gain more international



 fishing under their belts.”