The National Federation of Anglers are pleased to announce that entries to Fish ‘O’ Mania 2008 will be open from 9.00am on 14th January. The closing date for entries will be Tuesday 12h February at 16.00pm.

The application process will work in the same way as the 2007 competition with entrants being required to visit the NFA website, and follow the Fish ‘0’ Mania links to the entry page.

Anglers who entered in 2007 will be able to use their log in details obtained previously to enter, however first time entrants will need to fully register on the site.

Once again there are 16 qualifiers with the winner of each going through to the Grand Final. Ticket prices will remain at the same level of £20 per venue.

Luke Riches from Matchroom Sport states, “The Veterans’ Club will once again be operating this year, but due to pressure for pegs, the number of guaranteed starts for members will continue to be six. The Veterans’ Club was a great idea to reward anglers who have supported the event over the years and we’re delighted to keep it going for this year’s Fish’O’Mania.

There are 29 members in total – 2007 Champion Clive Wright was automatically added to the list – so the Veterans will take up a potential total of 174 of the 2,080 pegs should they take up their allocation. In addition, all anglers who signed up to the Fish’O’Mania promotion will be entitled to one free ticket at a venue of their choice.”

Paul Baggaley, Chief Executive of the NFA states, “Fish ‘O’ Mania is one of the biggest competitions in angling and we will once again be expecting a large demand for tickets. As such I would advise all entrants to read the Competition Rules which detail new guidelines on ticket returns and reallocations, these can be found on our website from the 14th January.”