With a fairly simple redesign, the ESP Lo Pro Brolly has dispensed the need for storm poles by incorporating a frame which allows it to be freestanding. So six of its eight ribs are in contact with the ground. For ease of set-up, it is still built around a conventional space saver umbrella mechanism.

Instead of relying on storm poles to support the front, the Lo Pro features simple yet clever extending ribs by means of an elasticated joint which elongates the front side ribs when assembled allowing them to be in contact with the ground.

By moving these extended ribs in or out the height of the front of the shelter is adjusted, allowing for different weather conditions, varying terrain and visibility requirements. Similarly, the rear side ribs can be moved in or out to adjust the width and internal space of the shelter. The Lo Pro is nominally 52” in size, but with the ability to vary the size of its footprint slightly, even the longer bedchairs can fit.

When the brolly is broken down, the ribs simply detach and fold up, making the length 6 foot (1.82m) – easily manageable for transportation. The Lo Pro rolls up nice and thin and will fit inside even small quivers.

Not having to carry storm poles saves on weight, and excluding the 8 pegs and the lightweight bag which houses the brolly, it weighs in at a very modest 3.30kg (total weight including bag and pegs 4kg).

Although in practice we have found storm poles to be surplus to requirements, we have included attachments on the upper front ribs, so in really severe conditions, they can be used.

The Lo Pro is built around a very strong but light fibreglass frame made up of 8mm diameter ribs. The cover is 210D PU backed nylon with a 5,000mm hydrostatic head. The way the frame is configured allows for the extended quarter panels at the front which provide excellent protection from the elements.

A heavy duty groundsheet is also available separately.

After the seed of a concept idea proved workable, the Lo Pro has been developed and tested over nearly two years through all four seasons and has performed admirably throughout. It is a genuine development on the oval umbrella theme and is the perfect shelter for the discerning angler who wishes to travel light and stay mobile.

Nominal dimensions: Width 2.3m, depth front to back 1.7m, height variable up to 1.15m.


Ultra-Light – just 3.3kg excluding bag and pegs
Freestanding – does not require storm poles in most situations
Quick set-up and take-down
Compact footprint while still being roomy and providing excellent coverage
Space saver mechanism maximises internal headroom
Tough but light fibreglass frame utilising 8mm ribs
210d PU backed nylon cover is rugged yet lightweight and allows the brolly to be rolled up thin.
Fits the ESP 3 rod quiver comfortably.
Aimed at the short session / overnighter angler (the majority) who wishes to travel light and stay mobile.