Members of parliament are being urged to tell fisheries minister Huw irranca-Davies, that Britain’s recreational sea angling industry is in danger of being “smothered by the restrictions and rules of management regimes” that are really only intended to control the European commercial fishing industry.

It could be saved through continued negotiation at home and by diplomacy in Brussels and would not need extra taxpayers’ money.

In a brief for more than 140 MPs with coastal constituencies before the House of Commons debates Britain’s fishing industry on Tuesday (December 1), the Angling Trust also calls on the minister to stop illegal commercial overfishing to enable fish stocks to recover from years of being abused.

Recreational sea angling (RSA) is a successful part of the British fishing industry, the trust says.  It operates without government subsidies and contributes £1 billion a year to the national economy.

Sea anglers are offering to become “standing patrols” in future marine protected zones where other fishing may be banned if they are allowed to fish in them.  They could instantly report any illegal commercial activities so reducing the cost of policing the areas.