Ladies Championship in danger of collapse  

The Shakespeare backed Ladies Championship competition, an event that was created four years ago by Evesham Angling Festival co-organiser Dave Harrell, is in danger of not going ahead this year if the response is not better than it has been for the past two years.
The first year saw 40 ladies from all around the country converge on the Warwickshire Avon match length and after a good event it was felt that growth would follow. Sadly it didn’t and the past two years have seen a steady fall in numbers.
“I’m really disappointed to be honest,” Dave said. “I created this competition on the back of being told by many female match anglers that there weren’t enough high profile matches for them to take part in. Each year we have managed to find a significant amount of sponsorship for the event but still the numbers haven’t gone up. Last years champion not only picked up the £500 top prize in the ladies match but also went on to win the Wychavon final and collect another £2,500 so the opportunity to win good money is there. This years winner, if the match goes ahead, will get a chance to compete in the Shakespeare Championship final for a shot at £6,000 and if that’s not a lure to enter then I don’t know what is.”
The Shakespeare Ladies Championship takes place on Sunday August 23rd along the Evesham Town and Hampton Ferry match lengths. Parking is free and cars can be parked behind every peg. A decision on whether the match goes ahead, subject to the entry, will be taken at the end of July. Entry to the match costs just £20 and ladies wishing to reserve a place should contact Diana Raphael as soon as possible on 01386 442458.

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