The rivers are now closed to coarse anglers for the next three months but several qualifiers for the August Evesham Festival took place in the last days of the season.

Anglers fishing the May Vince Vase had the best of the sport, finding perfect conditions with the river levels falling and a tinge of colour. Tony Marshal came out on top with a fine 22-4-0 bag of quality roach taken on pole and hemp from peg 56, bagging him an invitation to the Wychavon Qualifier. Shakespeare’s Tony Skinner had a similar winning bag totalling 21-12-0 in the Ray Woods Open from peg 35, this time chub on waggler at the mouth of the Isbourne. The Evesham Rose Bowl was won by Dave Thornton who drew peg 27 and caught chub on waggler and maggot for 16lb.