FIVE days of unbelievable fishing are in store for entrants to the Maver Larford Summer Festival, which takes place from August 1st-5th.

In 2004 the 40 competing anglers piled an incredible 3,659kg of fish – more than 8,000lb – onto the scales. The average was more than 50lb of fish a day per man. Incredibly, those involved in the festival are expecting even bigger weights this time around.

“The carp we stocked into the Specimen Lake have piled on the weight and are now averaging over 2lb,” said fishery manager Danny Farmer. “This is going to have a dramatic effect on the catches on this lake, and I would be expecting anglers to average 70-80lb per man on there now.

“We have added a few thousand smaller carp into the Match Lake, but the average fish there is over 2lb now and I’m expecting to see loads more 100lb plus weights than last year. The Match Lake record is 167lb 7oz and on the Specimen Lake it’s 112lb, so that shows the potential. Last year’s festival produced stunning weights. This year the weights will be much higher.

“The fishery is so good that it can easily handle 50 anglers on each lake without a detrimental impact on catches,” he added.

The festival is more than doubling in size this year with 100 places available, but they are expected to go very fast. Given a sell-out, the winner of the festival will walk away with at least £1000 in cash, on top of good cash pay-outs for section wins and lake wins on each day. In the event of a tie on section points, the places will be decided on weight.

This year’s event will be run on a points system, with the Match Lake and Specimen Lake split into sections. If you draw the Match Lake on the first day you’ll fish the Specimen lake on the second, and end up fishing each lake twice, and on both banks of each lake.

Entry to the match is £35 per person, plus £20 pools each day. There is a practice match on August 1st followed by the four days of the festival itself.

To get an entry form you need to contact Mike Robinson at Maver on 01527 406300 or Danny Farmer at the fishery on 07774 703067.


Midland Angler