TWO big matches are planned for the festive holiday by Daiwa Hallcroft owners Terry, Nick and Luke Sears.

First up is the Christmas Eve Carp and Silver match, in which anglers can target either carp or silvers, or even both should they choose to do so using two keepnets.

The winner of each (carp and silver) is guaranteed £150 plus normal pools payouts on the back of a £17 entry fee.

There will also be a £1,000 ‘Golden Link’ peg that will be drawn out before the match, but anglers will not be made aware of the peg number until the results and presentation. Plus, there will be a ‘Golden Peg’ worth £300.

On Boxing Day anglers can look forward to a pairs match featuring special prizes from sponsors Daiwa plus pools payout, and entry is £30 per pair. Bloodworm and joker is allowed on both matches and the contact number to book in is 01777 710448.


Shallower Croft
CHANGES are afoot on Croft Pool at Hallcroft Fishery in Notts. The lake is being landscaped with a view to every peg having an 11-metre island to fish to, and the level is being permanently lowered so that the average depth will be around 4-5ft rather than the current 8-9ft. The work should be completed in February and in the meantime fish have been moved, with around 300 carp having been moved to Reed and Bridge Pools. For more information visit .


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