Details of a brand new, patented feeder system from Middy Tackle International are just beginning to emerge, can reveal.

The innovative product, called the Shotgun, is being launched soon and will be featured in July’s issue of Total Coarse Fishing (out on the second Wednesday in June) in the hands of inventor Rob Wooten.

Designed specifically for feeder fishing with pellets, the Shotgun feeder is spring-loaded and the idea is that it pushes a parcel of pellets out of the feeder right next to your hook bait.

Initial reaction has been very positive from those that have seen it, including TCF editor and site owner Gareth Purnell.

“It’s a great idea for venues that allow short hooklengths where the fish respond to pellet, and it just works,” said Gareth. “You just need to soak some pellets and push them into the barrel to compress the spring and hold it there. As soon as you cast it out the water starts to break the pellets down and within 30 seconds you have a pile of pellets right next to your hook bait.”

Middy has bene putting together some video for its own website to show how the Shotgun feeder works. It is anticipated the RRP will be around £3.50 for two.

Contact: Middy Tackle International
Tel: 01773 533533