A RANGE of baits that crosses the divide between match and carp angler has been launched to dealers through a major supplier.

Formula Carp and Grand Prix Match are the new names on the block from bait maestro Tony Mills – and retailers can get them through Denzil Thorpe’s Willis Worms van sales service.

Tony Mills (left) and Denzil Thorpe with the new Frmula Carp and Grand Prix match bait ranges.

Tony, who has worked with many bait firms over the years, has now decided to go it alone and develop his own range of products designed to catch fish, whatever your favoured approach.

He explained: “We are not selling trout pellets and the like, we are offering proper baits that really work, and that are good for carp and other species. How many people know what is actually in their baits? We will tell everyone exactly what is in ours if they want – it is vital people understand how bait really works.”

To ensure his range of Formula Carp and Grand Prix Match feed pellets, soft hookers, liquid additives and particles reaches retailers he has teamed up with Denzil Thorpe who supplies his Willis Worms products up and down the country, and initial interest has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Tony commented: “Denzil is already out there so it made sense for us to get together – we are also looking for even more shops in the UK.”

Denzil said: “The main thing is that, thanks to Tony’s skills, we can offer a quality product. There is no doubt that match anglers have been learning a thing or two from the carp boys and vice-versa, and they can continue to do so, thanks to baits like these. It’s a great opportunity for anglers and retailers alike.”

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