Fish4U is a new web-based angling events finder which is open to coaches, Clubs, match organisers, angling groups, fisheries, or anyone organising an angling event that is open to the public.  

The charitable Dreamstore UK has created the Fish4U facility to help people find out where to find an angling event, whether coarse, sea or game, closest to their home (

David Hoey of Dreamstore says:
“We have provided the event search facility for National Fishing Week for the past three years, including 2006. Then we asked what happens for the rest of the year? One of the biggest barriers to angling participation is a person knowing where to start.  So Dreamstore  created a easy to use search facility and opened the organiser section to enable any event at any time of the year to be registered with Fish4U and promoted free of charge.”
Dreamstore Active has made the organiser registration process easy.  And there are lots of backroom benefits, including useful downloads, and an organiser’s forum where organisers have the opportunity to exchange ideas and perhaps swap experiences and solutions to common problems.”
“Searching for an event is also easy.  Dreamstore has used one of the fastest search technologies and asked more information from organisers to help the public select an event that might be suited to particular needs, such as a youth event or an event that catered especially for people with disabilities.”
“It will take time to build the events listing to offer a wide choice to the public, but some organisers have already started to post events to the site. This gives Dreamstore great encouragement that very soon looking for an angling event will be as easy as pressing a few keys on a keypad.  We certainly hope that Fish4U will provide a huge benefit to angling in general before, during and long after, National Fishing Week 2006.”