Local schools from Bolsover in Chesterfield have been getting the taste of angling thanks to the help of the National Federation of Anglers (NFA) and their hardworking coaching staff. Running from the 19th June 2006 to 30th June 2006 six schools from the local area kicked off the senior schools fishing competition. 


The six schools that entered the competition were Shirebrook Community School, Bolsover Moorfield School, Clowne Heritage School, Frederick Gents, Tibshelf High School and Meden School in Warsop. Everyone who entered the competition received a Get Hooked on Bolsover Coaching Scheme medal for participating. 


The biggest surprise of the day was for Nicola Deans, the teacher who accompanied Shirebrook School who went back to school to get her first taste of angling. Nicola who had never even picked up a fishing rod came out of the competition completely hooked. In almost her first attempt with a little help from the NFA coaches she managed to catch a 2lb 8oz Golden Orfe. By the end of the week she was a pro, and caught one of the best fish in the whole competition, weighing in at 6lb 8oz.


This shows how angling is such an addictive sport and that the coaching sessions put on by the NFA coaches can get the kids into a positive outdoor activity. It also helps increase their awareness of environmental issues and gets other people involved in angling such as teachers and parents.


The winners of the match were schools:  

1st Tibshelf High School with 34lb 12oz

2nd Bolsover Moorfield School with 26lb 4oz

3rd Shirebrook Community School with 18lb 11oz. 


The individual winners were:

1st Dale Partridge with 16lb 2oz from Tibshelf School

2nd Ryan Sleigh with 10lb 2oz from Shirebrook Community School and

3rd Rory Stirland with 9lb 1oz from Bolsover Moorfield School. 


The teacher’s positions:

1st Ron Trevis with 7lb 11oz, Clowne Heritage School

2ndNicola Deans with 6lb 8oz, Shirebrook Community School

3rd Brian Fisher with 2lb 10oz from Tibshelf High School