The NFA and Matchroom Sport would like to clarify the reasons as to why the draw for the 16 Fish’O’Mania qualifiers has been temporarily removed from the website.

Once the draw was complete on February 4th and the 130 anglers had been selected for each heat, the next stage in the process was for the site to charge the successful anglers’ credit or debit cards.

So far over 200 credit or debit cards have been declined for a variety of reasons with the main one being that the relevant information had been either incorrectly inputted by the applicant or incomplete.

However, it is important to note that this does not automatically invalidate the anglers’ place in the respective qualifiers.

The NFA will contact all anglers whose applications have failed for the above reasons and give them the opportunity to supply the correct information.

Assuming that they do this, then their position in the draw will stand.  

Failure to resolve the issue within a reasonable length of time will result in the respective angler losing their spot and the peg being offered to the reserve list.

It is anticipated that the issues arising from will worked out within the next 14-21 days when the potentially revised draw will be published on