Pickering’s Way

Tom’s on the River Don in Yorkshire this month using a long rod and stick float approach in addition to doing some delicate bomb fishing. 


Match Q&A

Top stars from the world of match fishing answer your questions – and there are some great prizes from Fox Match for every question we publish.


Match Winning Tactics

Severn expert Matt Maginnis shows you how to bag up on barbel when the river is carrying several feet of floodwater.


Coxy’s Match Talk

Places for the Mosella Garbolino Silver Festival were sold out weeks before the event. The big question was – who would win the ‘Lodge sweep’?


The Big Step Up

Andy Bridge explains how he’s making the grade on the open match circuit. It’s a big step up from the club scene and you need to do things right if you’re to succeed.


What a day THAT was!

Welsh international Ian Hughes recalls the day he won the Shrewsbury All Winners final.   


Commercial View

The second Garbolino sponsored silver fish festival at White Acres was eagerly awaited by everyone who fished it last year. But would it fish as well this time round?


Winning Rigs

We talk to Mark Wainwright, Grant Albutt and Derek Willan and get them to show us the rigs that have won them big money recently!


O’Brien On Carp

In the final part of this fascinating mini-series we reveal the various Method Feeder rigs that Craig uses to such great effect.    


Tackle Box

All the latest gear that’s either just hit or about to hit the shops and what we think of it.


Loch Ken Winter Festival

Loch Ken regular Dave Swain reflects on another very good festival there. If you think you can accurately cast a long way, read this to be certain!


Sorting Out The Stampers

Bloodworm and joker fishing on canals is not all about catching lots of tiny fish. Darren Bolton has some useful tips up his sleeve for targeting a better stamp.


Looking Back…

What was happening in the world of match fishing 10 years ago? We turn the clock back to look at the March 1996 issue of Match Fishing to find out…



Which is the more skilful – natural or commercial fishing? Keith looks at both disciplines to find the answer. 


Thinking Out Loud

Will’s at Gold Valley this time round. He’s always the favourite to win on his own patch so how did he get on this time? 


Star Profile

We put 25 questions to Garbolino backed Darren Cox.


Silly Stuff!

It’s the feature that every match angler dreads being in! Will YOU be included this month?


End Peg

With years of bloodworm and joker experience gleaned from the tough canal circuit, you would have thought Jon Arthur would know what he was doing with the same baits for winter F1s. Er, perhaps not!



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